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Friday, May 19, 2006

Yeah, SPF ain't happening today and Books 20, 21, and 22

Well, the hubs had to go to the senior breakfast with his daughter this morning and snagged my camera. I had no damn clue what I was going to snap for this week's SPF anyway so it was hardly a big loss.

I have a lot going on work wise. I am not totally prepared to go into all the details right now but what I am working on to enter the next phase is coming to a close shortly. Hopefully I will be done before I leave on my trip to CA next week. It is possible I will not be done, but I am gonna bust ass to hopefully get there.

Overall, things have calmed down considerably which is nice. I loathe having all that drama in my life. It stresses me out and I do NOT handle stress well at all. (Who the fuck does, anyway?) However, the knot in the gut is gone and I am sleeping much better so that's good stuff right there.

I took my mother to the airport this morning to go up to the Burgh for a 25th anniversary party for her younger sister. This is the same sister who took us in, pets and all, for the hurricane. My aunt and her hubs were incredibly cool about all that and never once made us feel like we were in the way or that they could not wait for us to leave. If anything, they seemed a tad bummed when we DID go. Anyway, I get a small break now. As someone who loves and CRAVES time alone, I have had precious little of that lately. Being that she and her "man friend" are sorta on the outs, I imagine that I had better suck up these next few days and enjoy the solitude and do all the naked laps around the house and off key singing while I can. I imagine it's gonna be a long time before I get this again. Nevermind the fact that during this solitary time, I end up cleaning house and watching movies rather than throwing parties or going on road trips. It's my boring life and I like it, ok?

Also, I have to update on the last 3 books I read, 2 of which I am in shock and totally disgusted with myself for even getting. One was this ridiculous book by Kimora Lee Simmons, wife of hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons. The name of the book is, brace yourself, Fabulosity - What it is and how to get it. I have never been a fan of this chick, but when I saw the book, morbid curiousity took hold and I had to know if she could string a sentence together. Actually it was not nearly as offensive as one would think working with that title. Not something I will ever read again but I am not nearly as grossed out as I thought I would be. The second one was along the same lines of getting what you want out of life. I can't recall the exact title but it was something like Wanting Much Too Much and was written by some magazine editor. I wish that one was better than KLS's book, but it was plain awful. This woman felt the need to talk about every single aspect of her work life and never got around to going into anything else. I was disgusted at how impressed with herself she was. The last book was called Tales from the Underbelly. It was pretty damn amusing. The lead character, Lara, was adamently anti-child until her husband convinces her (and she realizes she would get maternity leave) to get knocked up. The character was wonderfully flawed and selfish. She said all the things that I bet lots of first time moms say or at least think, but never admitted for fear their friends and family would look upon them in horror. It was a hoot.

Well, I need to get back to work. I hope y'all have a fantabulous weekend. Tomorrow is a birthday party for a friend's daughter and the hubs and I are going to try to see the DaVinci Code. He loved the book so we shall see. I am really not sure what to expect. It could be fab. It could suck elephant ass.

Elizabeth at 3:29 PM



at 3:52 PM Blogger Cheeky said...

Enjoy your time alone - I love my time in a quiet house - and yeah I just clean and watch TV or scrapbook - exciting huh?

I LOVED the DaVinci Code and can't wait to see the movie even if it does have bad reviews. I hope they are true to the story.

I am feeling like crap so I probably won't go until later in the weekend.

I work from home so since the interviews are done - I am gonna sneak in a nap before the little man child gets home from school.

at 4:14 PM Blogger hellokittn said...

Good luck with quiet time :-). I hope things continue to get less stressed girlie!!!!!!

When I saw "SPF ain't happenin'" I was all ready for the skin cancer rant... I'm so out of the loop with that crazy blogger talk :P.

at 5:56 PM Blogger Jennifer said...

Leave comments after you see "The Code" I need to know your thoughts on it....

at 6:41 PM Blogger Gracie said...

I love love LOVE time alone too and it is a high priced commodity in this house of 5. Enjoy what you can while you can :)

Happy Peace and Quiet!

at 7:19 PM Blogger Adam said...

I thought you might appreciate this!

at 11:56 PM Blogger Tammy said...

I want some time alone.


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