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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Book 27 - The Reading Group by Elizabeth Noble

I have eyed up this book at Target and Barnes and Noble a million times, but never grabbed it. However, I decided in the interest of saving some money, to scour the library. I happened upon this book as well as 2 others that I have seen but never purchased. SCORE!!!.

This was a good book but longish at over 420 pages. However, this was the shortest of the 3 that I got from the library. LOL. It centered around 5 women who were not friends originally (well, a few of them were) but were entangled in each other's lives through this book club. One was dealing with the problems of an aging mother. One was dealing with infertility. One was dealing with an impending marriage of her own and becoming a grandma for the first time. Basically each had her own story but they all touched upon each other's lives. I really enjoyed the book a ton and recommend it. For whatever reason, I have happened upon a whole slew of books that are set in either England or Ireland lately and it's a nice change of setting.

I am now onto a book by Cathy Kelly, an author I have read before and reviewed here. I plan to spend my day watching What Lies Beneath on tv (one of the best Hitchcockian movies made in the last 20 years), reading my book, and running out to do a quick errands for the hubs. I so love quiet days like this. If the weather could only churn up another storm for me, I'd be happier than a pig in slop.

Elizabeth at 10:46 AM



at 11:21 PM Blogger Nicole said...

FIRST. nanny nanny boo-boo.

at 11:22 PM Blogger Nicole said...

Umm yes. I love to read ESPECIALLY when its dark and rainy out!!!! AND One must have some good munchies for an afternoon such as this!

at 9:09 AM Blogger Gracie said...

You are so right about "What Lies Beneath"! I love that movie. Left the theater afterwards wondering why the director hadn't thrown a picture of Hitchcock in for good measure!

I've watched it several times and it never loses it's appeal for me. :)

at 10:00 AM Blogger Tammy said...

Where do you find the time?

at 11:37 AM Blogger Shell said...

How do you get through books so fast? It takes me forever...

I'm reading Jack Kerouac (thought I should read some classics) and I'm not getting through it very quick.

at 3:01 PM Blogger Carrie said...

Interestingly enough, since I was 'grounded' over the weekend, i.e., unable to drink on my medication, I finished one book and am already half-way through another... so that's what happened to my reading time...hee-hee-hee

at 7:16 PM Blogger Annejelynn said...

you SOOOO should create a post that lists ALL the books you've been reading/have read, that you keep linked in your sidebar - do it! then I can keep track of all your recommendations/criticisms! (for when I finally get a chance to do some leisurely reading!!!)

at 4:52 AM Blogger hellokittn said...

I can't wait to get through all the books I've started and never finished so I can start taking recommendations seriously ;-).

I love that movie too. They just don't make movies that are all trippy like that. It's all blood and gore and ick.

Happy (checks calendar) Tuesday!


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