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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

Here's to the best fathers in the world. This day's for you. Now get out there and grill me a damn steak, bitch.

First, this is my Dad. Ain't he cute? We have an uncanny resemblance in physicality and also in our uncanny ability to be the most critical person in the room. This Granny Smith did not fall far from his branches.

Ahhh, Lovebug. I miss my FIL something awful. We went to the grave yesterday to bring him some flowers since the hubs is working today. I wonder how long it will take for me to stop thinking every day about his little weathered face.

And of course, the hubs with his kids. I have the luxury of knowing that my husband is already a good dad so I have no qualms about bringing kids into the world with him. However, I will surely warp their tiny minds as my Dad did to me.

I mean, it's only right.

Elizabeth at 6:50 PM



at 7:32 PM Blogger Kami said...

What a great post! And yes, it is your job to warp your spawn's head.

at 10:44 PM Blogger Nicole said...

Hello my love. I am so impressed. You are so freaking cool- I am just happy that I met you. :)

Happy daddys-day to your hubs and your daddy and may your FIL rest in peace. I know he is smiling down on you sister!!! Also you NEED to be a mommy and you two had better start working on that!

Hugs from your evil twin sister in Houston!!

at 12:28 AM Blogger Football Widow said...

You seriously crack my ass up. You are coming for the Blog Blowout right???

And yes, it is your job to warp their little minds. My kid learned how to say boobies and tattoo this weekend. I'm sure he'll be a hit at school on Monday.


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