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Saturday, June 03, 2006

How do you define waste of time?

Yep, I once again sat down like a giant dipshit with my husband and his lovely children to try to drill some sense into their heads. Did it work? Nope, I am confident that it did not. However, the difference between the other 900 times and this one is that I don't care. I had nothing to lose. I came home to basically speak for my husband who, when confronted with an uncomfortable situation, gets tongue tied and ends up stuttering and sounding like he could not have passed the 5th grade. I am not being mean here. He would totally admit this. So I got to come in and be the heavy. Trust me, he owes me big time for this shit. However, I am not upset. I am not sad. I am nothing. I just figure I did him a big favor by trying to speak to his children and it is nothing beyond that. My feelings are not hurt in the least that his daughter sat there and looked at me with such venom in her eyes that I am shocked I did not need a shot. Regardless of what mistakes the hubs and I made, I am not going to apologize for my life anymore. I realize now that she is missing out - as is the boy. So it's all good.

I am spending the weekend getting ready to take a test for a potential new job. I am taking the test Tuesday and Wednesday so think good thoughts for me on those days. It could make a major difference in our lives, so I am a might bit nervous.

Tomorrow I am going to lunch with Karen as always but we get a bonus in that our friend Cher is in town from Houston so we get to hang out with her and her insane ass husband. I am very much looking forward to it. Good food and great people is a wonderful combo.

I leave you with the goofy ass cats that I live with. I recently got an Amazon shipment and the felines felt the need to investigate. Am I the only person that gets like way excited when she sees the Amazon box? I mean, I like go all aflutter. It's sick, really. Anyway, here they are.

Elizabeth at 11:05 PM



at 12:23 AM Blogger Kami said...


Dude, I am so sorry about those kids. WTF? Seriously.

Not worth your effort, I guess.

at 6:05 AM Blogger JD's Rose said...

Good luck with the test.


at 7:12 PM Blogger Nicole said...

I am sure the kiddos have been "mommy-i-zed" Is that a word? Their loss. And I think that every man in that situation does that stupid ass stutter. Luckily for him he has you.

End. Of. Story.

Oh! And those two adorable kit-cats :)

at 7:29 PM Blogger Nicole said...

Dude. I think you are like my long lost twin :)

I reaaaaaalllly need to quit with the Dude thing ;)

at 7:29 PM Blogger Nap Queen said...

Good luck on your test!!! And I get giddy when ANY box arives regardless of where it came from :)

The kids need to get over it. They are totally missing out, and that's there loss.

at 7:43 PM Blogger Gracie said...

Amazon. Barnes and Noble. Old Navy.com. Gap.com. etc... I'm just so not picky when it comes to boxes. I love my UPS guy, too! whew!

The kids? *shakes my head* That's just so sad. The mother-person should be taken out, drawn and quartered, then staked over an ant hill with honey drizzled over her for ruining the children like that. They have ALL missed out on a great opportunity.

Hang in there :)

Good luck on your test!

at 3:54 PM Blogger Sea_creature said...

HAHA! Cats and boxes, they go together, no?

Good for you, handling the sitch with the kids. You tried. The END.

at 6:15 PM Blogger Carrie said...

Sorry about the kids. :( Can't see the cute kitties, dangit! :)

at 12:40 PM Blogger Annejelynn said...

aren't kitties the cutest? they make up for everything!


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