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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Waste of Space Monday - William Jefferson

This fucktard is one of the highest ranking members of Congress from Louisiana. He was chairman of the damn Ways and Means committee in the House. He is the rep from the 2nd Legislative District which encompasses, yep, you guessed it, Orleans parish. This stupid fuck got his ass cold busted embezzling money and taking bribes. When all this first started, I was just like everyone else thinking he was getting picked on for whatever reason because, up until now, he has managed to have a successful political career and be relatively unscathed. Well, more and more evidence has mounted against him including tapes and finding several 10s of thousands of dollars in his FREEZER.

Because I keep my petty cash there too.

He was asked to step down from his committee post and he arrogantly refused. So the entire House got together and booted his ass off. Now the Black Caucus is swearing up and down that all of this is racially movitated. What the fuck EVER. Right, I bet Whitey put the money in his fridge, right?

Did I mention that when the shit really hit the fan this week with this asswipe, Congress was voting whether to appropriate several million dollars for the rebuilding down here? Yeah, I am sure all of our Congress men and women were all hyped up to send tons o' cash down here since it will probably end up in Jefferson's freezer and not to the peeps who desperately need it.

Yeah, Tammy, I hate people too.

Elizabeth at 11:05 PM



at 9:05 AM Blogger Kami said...

I have 10K in my freezer right now. What's wrong with that?

I totally forgot about WOSM!

at 10:58 AM Blogger Tammy said...

(Going to Kami's to get in the freezer).

I so hate people.

at 11:32 AM Blogger Jennifer said...

What a jackass!

at 11:49 AM Blogger Cheeky said...

I think politicians that get busted doing this sort of thing need to go jail - go straigt to jail - do not pass go - do not collect $200.

They are civil servants and it is the absolute worst to steal from your own government and those that put you in office.

Its not a racial thing - its a criminal thing!

at 2:41 PM Blogger Cherry said...

I love your waste of space Mondays. I know I will get to see the word "fucktard" lol.

He sounds like a total ass!

at 4:42 PM Blogger Sea_creature said...

Why OH WHY do they ALWAYS have to bring up the fucking RACE thing?! ASSHOLES come in all colors!

at 6:02 PM Blogger Erin said...

One of the reasons I hate politics!

at 6:24 PM Blogger Carrie said...

I hate when the race card gets played in a situation like this. Dude, you took the money, it's right there in your freezer. Total WOS!


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