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Friday, June 09, 2006

You ask, I answer

Carrie asked: What is your favorite summertime drink?
Well, Carrie, I don't have a drink that is season specific. I am a whore for Coke Zero, but I really do love me some cold margaritas as well.

Lucky Lum asked: What's your sign?
That would be Virgo which explains a LOT.

Cheeky asked: What is your favorite drinking song?
I would say "Margaritaville." I love the way that song makes me feel - very carefree.

Pissy asked: Does your hubs read your blog?
I know he has in the past. Not sure if he does not and it does not bother me either way. I figure that I have to vent and frankly, if he finds out that he is on my shit list and can't take it, then he should not have read it, right?

Adam asked: Did I know that the Dixie Chicks video footage was prompting my blog to ask for a password?
I had no damn clue that it was the video footage until he pointed that out. So it is gone gone gone. Thanks for the clue, Adam.

Gracie asked: When will I have results on the test I took?
Approximately 2 weeks from now. I shall keep you informed.

Kami asked: Am I going to the Blogger Blowout in October?
I sure hope so. I can fly to Dallas in like an hour or so and would love to meet some of you crazy girls.

Nap Queen asked: Am I moving to TX?
Well, the hubs was not really receptive to the housing listings that I sent him. I pointed out that my big breasted friend Cher lives there and I bet she would push said boobies on him at regular intervals and he was still undeterred. What the fuck?

SPC. Freeman asked: How are you gonna act as if my neck does not bling?
Um, sorry. I don't speak dipshit.

The Kept Woman asked: What is the most interesting case I ever worked on?
Damn that's tough. I could answer the most boring, the biggest, etc quiet easily. I would guess it was one where a woman was denied coverage from her insurance co (our client) because they alledged that she defraused them and that she knowingly answered no to a question that was so clearly yes. It was interesting because I learned a TON about her condition and I lost my innocence that surely, the insurance company was just protecting themselves. Long story short, they were tying her up in litigation hoping she would die from another affliction. Moral - insurance companies are the DEVIL.

Jennifer asked: How come I have never seen a picture of you on your blog?
Well, there was one of me and the big man a while back for SPF. (I think the topic was top two dipshits in your home.) I LOATHE pictures of me. I am the picture taker, not the model. There are almost no pictures of me in this entire house.

Christine asked: What question would you most fear being asked in a job interview?
I hate those "where do you see yourself in ??? years." Gag. I see me paying my bills with money from your payroll. How bout that?

Sea Creature: What is my favorite animal? Favorite pet?
My favorite animal - that's a toughie. I really love to watch big cats because I see the similarities from my cat and have to laugh. My favorite pet was probably Minew, or as I called him The Big Bubber. Oh, he was a large boy.

Nicole asked: What are SFG's future kids names?
For a girl, I love the name Emma. For a boy, it's Jake.

Tammy wanted: An example of my mouth getting me in trouble.
Oh man, let's sift through the files. Well, my husband is convinced that I will get him shot one day because I tend to let fly with whatever is in my tiny brain about the asswipes out there. Tammy, I hate people too. I so can't think of one instance.
Oh WAIT. Probably the time I pulled up to a light and saw my largest pet peeve. We shall call it the Britney. This woman was holding her baby on her lap. I motioned for her roll down her window. When she did, I said her baby was beautiful and she smiled and said thanks. I said "What a shame it will be when you crash and her beautiful head goes right through the windshield because her mother should not have been allowed to procreate." Yeah, I did that in the hood too. He's right - it's only a matter of time before one of us is shot.

Katherine asked: How old were you when you, ya know?
Did the hibbity bibbity? I was 16 and it was SO not worth it.

Cherry asked: Who is Mr. Pissy?
Why, that's Pissy Britches hubs. :)

That bes all of them

As a favor, could you all go say hi to Amanda at Very Zen. She got bad pup news today. Being that me and the Pooper just got a clean bill of canine health today at his annual checkup, I really feel for her. Pet sickness is one of the worst, most helpless feelings in the world. Go show her some love.

Elizabeth at 5:57 PM



at 8:15 PM Blogger Nap Queen said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your answer about "where do you want to be in ??? years". I want you to be paying my po' ass bitch!! I'm interviewing right now, so it's very fitting :)

at 8:34 PM Blogger Kami said...

You will be getting your ass here. SLUMBER PARTY AT DALLAS KS!!!!

at 8:47 PM Blogger Cheeky said...

Lady - you Rock!!! I an awe of you.....(not in a weird psycho stalker kinda way...hehe)

I like margaritaville too

at 9:57 PM Blogger Gracie said...


Margaritas *on the rocks*!!!!
Like, my totally favorite drink :)
Well, there's the Absolut bloody Mary, too.
And oh yeah, Grey Goose n RubyRed Grapefruit juice (or cranberry).
And um...heh.

Will be keeping my fingers crossed, waiting for the update on the job. :)

at 11:19 PM Blogger TBG said...

I definitly want to see you in Dallas!

at 11:25 PM Blogger Paige said...

Just found your blog. Made me LOL!! Thanks!!

at 9:42 AM Blogger Tammy said...

"Um, sorry. I don't speak dipshit". You kill me.

I might just still this little game. :)

at 10:02 AM Blogger Tammy said...

I love that you told that woman in the car holding her kid. What a moron.

at 10:16 AM Blogger Paige said...

I did notice you are a Steelers fan. One of my favorite players plays for them. I love Hines Ward. I went to school with him at Georgia. I actually follow all my UGA players! LOL It's getting pretty hard with all of them out there now.

Good luck this season!! I can't wait!!

at 9:48 AM Blogger Pissy Britches said...

Fabulous one on the car seat.
I love it!

And that is some funny shit about Mr. Pissy.

at 5:17 PM Blogger Carrie said...

Good for you on what you said about the carseat!!! But, yeah, you're gonna get shot if you keep that up. :) hee-hee.

You better get your ass to Dallas! No excuses allowed! :)

at 5:26 PM Blogger Sea_creature said...

Great answer to Christines question about the job interview question! HAHAHA!!

And the carseat/hating people thing... Ron has had to slap my hand down several times while we're in the car and I'm flipping off the latest imbocile. "Stop it! You're going to get us SHOT!" Hehe!


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