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Monday, July 03, 2006

Book 28 - What She Wants by Cathy Kelly

Long ass book - over 500 pages. As I have noticed with her other books I have read, it does take you a minute to get into her stories, but once you do, it really grabs you and sucks you in. This book once again centered around the lives of about 5 women, Nicole, Mary-Ann, Virginia, Hope, and Sam. There are some other less central characters, but those are the Big 5. Nicole is about to embark on a huge music career. Mary-Ann is the local pharmacist in a country town in Ireland and is sort of the mother hen of the group. Virginia just lost her husband the year before and purchases a huge home that used to be a B&B and is just sorting through her life. Hope's selfish husband drags her to this town in a vain attempt to attend this artist's workshop so he can write the great novel. Sam, Hope's sister, is a major career girl who has a life changing experience that provokes her to change her all work and no play life. Overall, it was a great book. Kelly's characters are always so vivid and you have no problem seeing them in your mind's eye. I so enjoy that.

I have to get these books back to the library as they are due today. I barely started the 3rd book I got from there, The Falls by Joyce Carol Oates, so I will have to renew that one. It is a fabulously rainy, gray day so hopefully I will get to enjoy some reading today.

Elizabeth at 12:31 PM



at 1:51 PM Blogger Tammy said...

Sounds great!

at 2:05 PM Blogger Jennifer said...

500 pages? Wow. I use to read all the time, but when the little one came along I was reduced to books with pictures. I love this age, but do look forward to being able to read a real book with chapters and all!!

at 9:51 PM Blogger Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

When you renewed The Falls at the library, did you also pick up a few other books?

at 4:38 PM Blogger Nicole said...

Hmm I always wanted to be a musician....:)

In other news I finally finished the Devil/Prada and now am reading 24 Karat Kids.

Its preeeety good!!!

You know...you should start a book club blog and then give people a month or so to read and then have a discussion.....:) Although as freaking fast as you read I dunno :)

That is all :)


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