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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Book 33 - Reinventing Mona by Lisa Coburn

See, told you I was close to being done. :) I just laid on the sofa this afternoon and knocked out the last 30 pages or so. Main character, Mona, is a very disenchanged engineer who is given the option of a nice buy out option from her firm and she is thrilled to take it. She realizes that since moving in with her grandmother 15 or so years ago after the death of her entire family in a horrible bus accident, she has not really had a life. She inherited her grandmother's estate but not the life that went on inside it. She sets about reinventing herself to land the love her life named Adam. She enlists the help of a man whose nickname is "The Dog." He writes a column about how men really think in a magazine that I am only to assume is based on Maxim. This story basically follows her journey into discovering parts of herself she did not realize were there and realizing that some things never change. I really liked this book and once I got past the first couple of chapters was eager to find out what happened to Mona at the end. I was not disappointed. Read it on an afternoon that you can spend on the back deck or patio with a cool drink and nothing to do for several hours.

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