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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Books 29 and 30 - The Idiot Girls' Action-Adventure Club and We Thought You'd Be Prettier both by Laurie Notaro

Laurie Notaro is one of the funniest authors I have ever had the joy to read. She is a columnist for a newspaper and takes snippets from her own life to write about. She comes from a Catholic family so she has all that guilt to deal with and neuroses stemming from same. She is a size 14 in a size 4 world. She has the grace of a wholly mammoth. She has absolutely no ability to censor herself when she should just shut the hell up. In essence, she is the girl you want by your side when you are having a hell of a good time and somehow end up getting arrested.

I highly recommend anything she has written. When I read her books, I sit and giggle quietly to myself or laugh out loud. The hubs has stopped asking what is so funny because when I try to tell him, it takes me at least 5 minutes of reading 3 words and then dissolving into laughter before I can get it out. I suspect that is way more fun for me than for him.

Elizabeth at 9:43 AM



at 9:48 AM Blogger Tammy said...

I love books like that. I definately need to get that one.

at 11:04 AM Blogger Nicole said...

I know all about being a size 14 in a size 4 world. Probably because I love food!!! Don't you hate when you have to explain why you are laughing from a book- they never really get it anyway :)

at 11:42 AM Blogger Pissy Britches said...

Damn you read a lot.
You HAB.

at 1:09 PM Blogger Shell said...

Hmmmm...I'm going to get one of those...better than this classic crap I'm trying to read lately.

My Boyfriend will read what I'm reading just to see what I think is so funny. He's some kind of freakish speed reader so he can read a book that takes me a month in an hour. Totally frustrating.


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