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Friday, July 21, 2006

Meme given by Christine

Christine whose blog is funny and sad all at the same time gave us the task of answering these questions. Since I love nothing more than to blather on about myself and pontificate ad nauseum about my opinions, this is right up my self-centered alley.

1 If you had to set your own work schedule; 8 hours per day; 5 days per week. Which days and hours would you choose? I would work from 7-11 AM, take 11-12 off to eat lunch and watch Young and the Restless, resume work at 12 and be done at 4 - Tuesday thru Saturday. This is pretty damn close to my new schedule starting Monday so I am a happy girl.

2. What Reality Show would you be on and why? (stolen from J. http://ramblingsofamadpiggie.blogspot.com/)
The Biggest Loser. It would be humiliating to have my weight broadcast to the nation but damn if that shit don't work for those people.

3. What is the last book you read?
Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld

4. There are many songs that bring us back to a certain memory. What song(s) do you HATE to hear for that very reason?
D'yermaker by Led Zeppelin and the hymn Let there be Peace on Earth - second song reminds me of an old Sunday school teacher who died.

5. If you could go back in time to be any place in history, what time would you choose and what country/place?
I'd go back to the 80's in the US. I am really talented in making hair super big.

6. Do you know more than one language? Which one(s).
I speak very limited Spanish.

7. What is your favorite blog? Please link it. One only.
The whole linking thing fucks me up so I am just gonna type out the web address. My favorites change from week to week. I am going to pick my favorite newest blog and favorite goofy girl and that's Nicole at The Watkins World. Rather than type, just go click on her name over -----------> there.

8. What is your favorite web site?
I am always on MSN or CNN or various other news sites.

9. Your house is on fire, the people and pets you love are safe and you can grab one other "thing", what are you taking?
Make sure I had my wedding rings on -if not, go scoop them up. Sounds shallow, but really it's not.

10. You have $100 to spend in the next hour. How are you spending it? (Saving it or giving it away not permitted.)
Book store - that's too easy.

Feel free to steal but let Christine and me know. Gracias. (See, there's my stellar Spanish skills kicking in.)

Elizabeth at 3:56 PM



at 4:09 PM Blogger Nap Queen said...

Oooo, you could have worked wonders on my hair in the 80s. I had GREAT hair for hot rolling :)

I would grab my rings, too. It's my grandparents stone.

at 4:16 PM Blogger Christine said...

That big hair comment cracked me up!

at 4:30 PM Blogger Pissy Britches said...

Girl I am talented at the big hair too.

But I thought my blog was your favorite.

at 10:25 PM Blogger Nicole said...

Have I told you lately that I love you?!? :) heehee! My blog has been Boring as dog shit this week but thanks! Yours is by far my favorite. I NEED to read it! (As my son says)

I still love big hair- Are you saying its out of style? :)

at 1:39 AM Blogger Cheeky said...

OH I schedule a break every day to watch Young and the Restless - I mean every day! (I get really pissy if I have to interview someone during that time). Have you been watching lately??...girl its getting good (hehe)

LOVE the big hair comment!

at 10:21 AM Blogger Irish Church Lady :) said...

#5 Tonight's the night by Rod Stewart. Reminds me of my sleazy days. Enjoying reading your blog BTW!


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