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Monday, July 24, 2006

So. Very. Tired

OK, my stupid ass was up for 6 AM.

Let me repeat that. 6 AM. I have never been a morning person. I have become less of a night owl/miserable morning person as I have gotten older and had to enter the working world. However, there is never a time in life that I bound out of bed at 6 all happy and shit to be alive. Fuck that.

Anyway, I got up, got myself showered and made up and dressed. Let me explain - I am not some Barbie doll with the make up. What I do wear is quite subtle and frankly I do it for me. The hubs has commented many times that he does not quite get why I put make up on when I am gonna literally be home all day on certain days, but it just makes me feel better. Same reason I go through the trouble to straighten my hair so that it ceases resembling a briar patch.

OK, so the web based training was cool overall. However, it is not me and a trainer one on one. It is one trainer with 9 of us in a sort of web-based conference call or something. Now, I am going to try to be kind here and not sound like a know it all bitch, but there are 2 girls in this class that are, oh how to put this nicely.....fucking stupid and have clearly never used a computer and think Windows are those cool things that let you see outside. On several occasions today, the trainer would finish explaining some really simple concept to DEATH and like clock work, one of the dipshits would press the button to indicate she had a question and would literally ask what she just explained, so again, they went over it. In the morning time, I was like "Well, ok - I suppose that it could not hurt to hear 3 times how to use fucking Outlook even though I have used it for the last 3 jobs I've had and at home." By the afternoon, once I caught on to whatever little deal she was saying, I busted open the book I am currently reading and waited for the genetic rejects to catch up. I have 2 weeks of this. The afternoon was better because at least they were doing things specific to my job and not just general computer shit, but still - nothing she went over today took a Mensa candidate to figure out. I'm sure Karma is out there laughing at me because at some point, I will be the moron going "Can you explain that again....for the 5th time?" but for now, I am going to sit very high up on my throne in judgment.

The point of my rambling is that I am a tired girl. The very cool thing about working here is that besides putting in a full 8 hours, I did 2 loads of laundry, folded and put away, as well as made lasagna and garlic bread for dinner. It's nice because when I was at the firm, I'd have to cram all sorts of shit into the evenings if I wanted to rest at all on the weekends. I never could catch a break. Now I am still tired but I can guaran-fuckin-tee that what needs to be done will be done by Friday and I plan to not move off this nice soft sofa on Saturday or Sunday - except for brunch with Karen. Did I mention my commute is 10 feet and that tomorrow I plan to do my make up while listening to Fric and Frac try to figure out our account specifics? Life is so good sometimes.

Elizabeth at 8:41 PM



at 9:37 PM Blogger Pissy Britches said...

Ok..why do you always have to have a Fric and Frac?
There is always a fucking Fric and Frac.

at 10:20 PM Blogger Erin said...

Wow, you packed a ton of stuff into one day. I am so jealous!

I waved to you as I passed through Cajun country =)

at 10:38 PM Blogger Dixie said...

Did my eyes just turn green? They should have! I'm sooo jealous. I would love to just be able to get up, shower and start working. No fuss, no muss! Congradulations! Hope it's everything you want it to be and more!

at 11:44 PM Blogger Shell said...

OKAY...we get it...10 feet...you wanna emphasize that a LITTLE more for those of us who aren't just incredibly jealous?

What I would give to just get up and make coffee and stay in my PJs (no bra!!) and work. Hell...I'd hook up a wireless system with a laptop and not even get out of bed. Plug the coffee pot in right next to the alarm clock...heaven.

at 11:51 PM Blogger Gracie said...

I had to bust out laughing at "Fric and Frac". A friend of mine and I used to work with a "Fric and Frac" and I've not heard it since then. Ya brought back some memories, there! LOL

I still see Fric and Frac occasionally, and am ever so grateful when they don't see me first!

at 1:33 AM Blogger Lori said...

I say enjoy it while you can. And there's always dumbshits in those kinds of classes.

at 5:50 AM Blogger kerri said...

Ah, the blessings of working from home. I would give my left arm to be doing that right about now. Or maybe not my left arm. Possibly my left big toe though. Or something. ; )

Hang in there! And get some sleep woman! : )

at 6:17 AM Blogger Texan In Kuwait said...

I loved some parts of working at home....some other parts, not so much.

Well, at least you can read when the fucktards start asking dumbass questions, right?

And girl, just so ya know, I have to be at my desk, way far away by 6:00. I would LOVE to sleep til then. I'm just sayin.

at 9:49 AM Blogger Tammy said...

I am so not a morning person either. The hubbs is, which is great for me. He gets up with the kiddos on the weekends!

I hate idiots like that. There's always 1.

at 9:59 AM Blogger Nap Queen said...

I hate sitting in trainings and meetings because of the question-asking dumbasses you are dealing with.

The worst part is BEING the trainer (which I am) and having to refrain from saying, "You did NOT just ask me that question. Seriously. Are you fucking kidding me? I JUST ANSWERED YOUR FUCKING QUESTION." Instead, I have to smile and act all understanding and shit.

at 10:30 AM Blogger patti_cake said...

Ha haaaa you are lucky that you can read when the dipshits are doing their thang :)

at 11:11 AM Blogger Lazy Lightning said...

6 am sucks. I feel for you!

at 2:36 PM Blogger Carrie said...

What type of job are you doing exactly? Heaven is the best word to describe what it would be like if I could work at home! I might actually be able to clean at some point. Like Shell, I'd make it so I didn't have to get out of bed at all! :)

I feel ya on the morons. I've had to train people on occasion and it is so frustrating to explain things in the very simplest terms and still get the blank look and 'I don't get it'. That, and the people who feel like they MUST ask ridiculous questions to look like they are 'committed' to their job and were listening.

at 5:20 PM Blogger Kami said...

Why must there always be a dipshit in every class?

at 8:49 PM Blogger Nicole said...

I do NOT do mornings.

I tried explaining this to both of my children when they were newborns but they just didn't listen.

I am a very mean and cranky person when I have to rise early and you had better have some strong ass coffee free flowing.

Anyway enough about me...;)

I am so very proud of you! Stupid people are fun to make fun of...no? :)

at 11:01 PM Blogger hellokittn said...

I was just thinking of you and the new job and had to see how you're doing. Hope all is well :-*

at 2:04 PM Blogger Tx Mom said...

At least you are at home and they can't see you rolling your eyes and sighing heavily. :)

at 5:20 PM Blogger Football Widow said...

I'm so jealous of your new job!

at 11:17 PM Blogger Annejelynn said...

your commute is GOLDEN! supremely jealous - - how did you land this jobby-job? do tell ~ I'm job searchin', ya knows


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