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Friday, July 28, 2006

SPF - Mean shit

OK, so this took me for-fucking-EVER because Blogger was being a HAB. Anyway, Kristine wants to see the following:

-something mean looking
-our weapons
-our hiding place

Tell me this does not scare the life out of you. I mean, he is literally attacking my hubs. At any moment, he will roll right over, expose his belly, and beg for a rub down. Sends chills right down your spine.

I do this to him when he tries to sleep. Clearly he is just bad ass.

My weapon. I can kill with words. I don't tend to toot my own horn very often and I suppose this is something for which I should not really be proud, but if someone pisses me off enough, I can be NASTY. I will have shit flying out of my face that will cut your ass to the quick. I pull no punches, bitches. Luckily this happens almost never but certain people in my life should be aware that if they continue to piss me off, it's no holds barred.

Hiding place. When I want to escape, I read a book. I can lose myself in a book for hours. Let it be known, that the damn Reba book is my hubs and he won't let me donate it to the thrift store. Gawd. However, the Terry Bradshaw biography - all mine, bitches.

With said book, this is my literal escape. I love to be curled up in bed and reading. Especially during rainy weather. With the ceiling fan blowing. And the Pooper by my side. Ahhhhhh.....bliss.

So did you play?

Elizabeth at 10:20 AM



at 11:31 AM Blogger patti_cake said...

Great SPF! I hide in books too, my solace, my escape... love them.
Hubs & Pooper, too cute!

at 11:50 AM Blogger Christie said...

happy spf
I played

at 12:12 PM Blogger Nap Queen said...

Hee hee, that second photo is priceless! We just did that to our dog last night (pulled his lips back over his teeth) and were laughing so hard because he's such a teddy bear, but he looked sooo mean :)

at 12:18 PM Blogger TBG said...

Oh my I LOVE LOVE LOVE Your bedding!

at 12:26 PM Blogger Shell said...

Damn girl...you need another book case.

I love the bedding too. You have to pick something out for me. I'm tired of looking for something new so I'm assigning it to you.

Poor Pooper being picked on when he's trying to take a nap. Shame on you.

at 12:36 PM Blogger Jana said...

We have the same escape!

I played!

at 12:37 PM Blogger kim said...

what a cute pooch. i don't think he looks scary ;)

happy SPF and i played, too :)

at 12:47 PM Blogger Cheeky said...

Love the pic of dog vs. man wrestling!

at 12:50 PM Blogger hemlock said...

Your puppy is so cute. What a meany!

And your bedspread is lovely. Curling up and reading when it's raining outside is one of my favorite things too.

I played!

at 1:26 PM Blogger Charmed1 said...

Mean, mean vicious dog! It just makes me quiver to look...

Great SPF! I played!

at 3:09 PM Blogger Carrie said...

What's up with the Dr. Phil books? I mean, I have them, but only because my mom gave them to me in hopes that they would magically transform me into a married chick who was popping out grandkids. :)

I totally need to send you some books or at least email you some that really good reads. :) Trust me, I pick good books - ask my sister if you don't believe me. :)

Oh, and while Pooper looks terrifying in the first picture, what's really scary is the cat about to pounce on both of them. :)

at 3:30 PM Blogger Tammy said...

Such the vicious animal!!

Girl, I too can cut with my words. I just love it so very much!!

I heart me some Reba. Let the hubbs keep the book.

at 4:03 PM Blogger Sea_creature said...

I love pics like the top one. And I used to do the "snarling lips" thing to my dog all the time, it's so funny! I've tried it with my cat, but it's just not the same.

Have a great weekend!

at 4:43 PM Blogger Fleur De Lisa said...

I've used the same thing for my hiding place. By the way, your bedding is simply fantastic, and I don't normally do patterns on the bed, but I love it!

Happy SPF and I played too!

at 5:02 PM Blogger Lori said...

Ah, I could have used reading too. I heart your bed linens.

at 11:29 PM Blogger Erin said...

I use to love reading too, actually I still do ... but this is what happens when I pick up a book--

"mom I am hungry, can you get me a snack?"

"mom, now I am thristy."

"mom, the dog just pooped in the house."

You get the idea ...

at 11:46 PM Blogger Teena said...

Scary dog ... NOT!!!

I played too :)

at 11:46 PM Blogger MMC said...

I love the books, too, almost chose that.

at 11:49 PM Blogger Gracie said...

I love your bedding! Love it.

Reading is my escape too. I don't have as much time as I used to, but I am always reading a book.


at 12:22 AM Blogger Random and Odd said...

Oy that dog looks like an attack dog.

Cute though.

at 12:51 AM Blogger Kami said...

I want Pooper. I'll trade you Pete.

at 1:38 AM Blogger JD's Rose said...

I want your hiding spot!

I don't know... the dog looks kind of scary... I guess.


at 10:10 AM Blogger hellokittn said...

So cute :-). Good SPF!

I love that comforter!

at 12:04 PM Blogger Amy said...

Nice SPF Sista! Oh, I'm that way with words too. Last year, this little redhead entered my family with whom I'm SUPER-close, tried to be a bitch and it was ON. She loves me now, so clearly I put her in her place.

at 12:04 PM Blogger Amy said...

Oh, and I played lol. Check out my sensitive Coonass!

at 1:25 PM Blogger Suzanne R said...

That doggie is about as scary as my kitty. ;-) I know what you mean about the words thing. I love escaping into a good book! I'm late coming by because of babysitting yesterday.

I played.

at 9:48 PM Blogger Pissy Britches said...

You got new bedding!
It is fabulous!

I am with you on the words..boy..I know that is hard to believe but I can cut a bitch up with words.
lv ya

at 12:32 AM Blogger Football Widow said...

Love the bedding. Seriously. That dog is one scary dude.

at 2:02 PM Blogger Nicole said...

Can I just say I love love love your bedding? Beautiful!


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