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Saturday, July 15, 2006

A typical conversation in my house

I call the hubs most days when I get up because he is normally at work. So I call this morning and our convo goes something like this:

Hubs: You going anywhere today?
Me: I had not planned on it, but since you asked, I imagine I am now.
Hubs: Chuckling - I need you to bring me a new pair of pants and my medicine.
Me: Mmmkay, why more pants?
Hubs: Well, remember when your mom sewed that button on for me?
Me: Yeah.
Hubs: She sewed the button on the button hole.
Me: Huh? (Sounding impatient) What are you talking about?
Hubs: On the hole, dear. Like the wrong side. ON THE HOLE.
Me: Are you shitting me?
Hubs: No, you'll see.

And I did see. Yep, just as he described, she sewed the button right over the button hole. Here is the killer. They are button fly pants so she failed to notice the whole line of buttons on the correct side and just put it right over the hole anyways. I brought the pants home to show her and she does not believe that she did anything so dipshit-ish. She finally sees that she did, indeed, sew right over the button hole. She cracks up.

Just now, she brings the pants out here to fix them and goes "Well, I see why I did that - there's no hole." This is her vain attempt to redeem herself into not seeming like such a moron. I go "Mom, that is because you closed it up with your stellar stitch job."

She is still laughing.

Elizabeth at 5:36 PM



at 10:46 PM Blogger MommyOutOfControl said...

LOL, that will probably remain a "classic mom moment" in your house for years to come.

Hey remember when your mom....


Was she able to fix them?

at 12:36 AM Blogger Kami said...

OMG. That's something I would do. If I sewed buttons and shit.

at 1:45 AM Blogger Adam said...

"Here's your sign."

at 1:33 PM Blogger Tammy said...

Your mom kills me!

at 1:43 PM Blogger Shell said...

Ummmm...I think I've done that before...

That's why my Mom gave up on teaching me how to sew a LONG time ago. That plus my square pillows turned out like triangles.

at 4:42 PM Blogger Bart said...

A true "senior" moment... God bless her.

at 2:10 AM Blogger suburban mom said...

Oh my god, that is seriously funny. I'm laughing. :)

at 8:00 AM Blogger The Kept Woman said...

See, guys are just always saying stupid shit that doesn't make sense (just Sugar Daddy?) so I'd totally think that he was 1. screwing with me or 2. didn't know what the hell he was talking about.

You're a good woman for bringing him new pants.

at 1:04 PM Blogger Jennifer said...

Sounds like something I would do.

at 3:27 PM Blogger Carrie said...

That is freaking hillarious. :)

at 11:18 PM Blogger Football Widow said...

That my friend, is some funny shit.

at 10:17 AM Blogger Nicole said...

Now thats just funny :)

at 10:46 AM Blogger Lazy Lightning said...

Wow, your mom... so funny!


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