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Friday, August 11, 2006

Book #38 - Judge and Jury by the fabu Patterson

Seriously, does this man ever turn out a shitty book? EVER. I zip through these bad boys in no time. I actually finished this one 2 nights ago so that when the hubs went to the station for 48 hours, he could take it.

That's love right there, bitches.

Even though it's Friday, my weekend does not technically start until tomorrow night. I work Tues - Sat 10-6 so really, it's Thursday for me. Make sense? However, with the knowledge that I can roll my stank ass out of bed at 9:59, I feel no qualms about going out on Fridays should the opportunity present. However, with the hubs working, I am chilling with the Pooper reading book 39 and annoying the dog. And by annoying I mean saying in a really shrill high pitched British accented voice things like:

I loooooove the puppy!
See this foot? I love that foot. (Foot being paw, obviously)
This ear right here? I love it too.
'Allo puppy! (His personal fave, if you recall)
I love Gager, yes I do, I love Gager, how 'bout you? (As I bonk him on the snoot.)

Yep, that's my life. I swear to Jeebus that if the neighbors ever watch me through the windows, they have the nutjob take-awayers on speed dial. Oh, and the hubs makes him dance with him too. I shit you not. Trust me, I'll tape that one day and post it on here. They do the bunny hop. It's................well, disturbing, now that I think about it.

Very quiet weekend on the front. Tomorrow after work, the hubs will be home finally and he is planning to vacuum the pool and clean out the garage while I finish working since he gets home for 1:30ish. Tomorrow night..........oh yes, tomorrow night...............the first preseason Steelers game is on. NFL ticket starts paying for itself finally. I plan to be all decked out and obnoxious about it. Sunday and Monday (my off days) the hubs works. Ain't that some shit? Sunday is lunch with Karen of course. Monday I am taking my friend Lauren to lunch for notarizing some shit for me. I worked with her at the firm and she is big fun, so I am looking forward to it. She is a total mess, but in a good way. Capice?

OK, so how bad is this? Um, say you like really want these really pretty, not at all expensive Christmas dinnerware for this upcoming Christmas. Ok, and um, say you like want settings for 12. The set comes 4 to a set necessitating you to buy 3.

With me? OK, good. (Carrie and Nicole - put down the margaritas and beer and pay attention!)

Jeez, those girls.....;)

Anyway, would it be like, um, pushy or whatever to bring up your hubs that if he bought one and your mother bought one and your father and stepmother bought one, all 3 sets would be like done and all would be well? And would it be like way over the line to not only bring this up but to COMPOSE A MOCK EMAIL to the hubs for him to forward on to said family members that he is to pass off as his own fabulous idea?

So, that's too much? Um....yeah.

Glad I don't know anyone like that.

Elizabeth at 10:29 PM



at 2:12 AM Blogger Adam said...

Sorry, not book related...I just saw this video and who was the person I thought would appreciate it the most? Yep, SFG was the big winner!

Full story here.

at 4:29 AM Blogger JD's Rose said...

How the gell do you have time to read all of these books?!

at 1:53 PM Blogger Dixie said...

JD's Rose asked the same question I was going to ask!

If you think the idea to get that Chrsitmas set will work, I say DO IT!!!

at 6:25 PM Blogger Shell said...

My family is usually BEGGING for ideas of what to get me so if I hinted that I wanted those dishes they would be oh-so-happy.

One year I just went and bought what I wanted and gave it to my sister to wrap. She was really excited that she got me off her list before the Christmas rush madness.

I say do it.

at 11:16 PM Blogger Kami said...

Must see the dishes!

at 9:36 AM Blogger The Kept Woman said...

I'm with Shell...people always want to know what you really want (instead of buying you some bath and body crap or candles)...definitely tell them.

Then post pictures so we can see them! :)

at 11:04 AM Blogger patti_cake said...

I can't wait to read that book either, and hey #38 is the hubs racecar number! Shake N Bake.
Ahem,now that i've got that out of my system you totally need to tell all three you want the dishes. It makes perfect sense to me!


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