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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Book #41 and my life right now

Shit, I can't remember the name of the book. It was like "The life of a Drama Queen" or some shit like that. It was ok, not the best, but it passed the time, ya feel me?

Been working like a fiend lately and the hubs was kind enough to share his cold with me. Thanks for that, dickweed. Luckily it never went below the neck except for part of Saturday when I was just so very tired despite getting adequate sleep. Plus it rained. How is one supposed to work during a huge nap inducing rain storm? That shit just ain't right, ok? Work is going really well. I am surpassing my production requirements by like 75% each week which is fab. Now I am sorta slowing myself down in order to become more accurate and get my shit together so that my work can be done with the smallest amount of effort on my part. Hey, I work hard, but it sure as shit ain't by choice. Make more money and do less? Sign my ass up, mmmkay? I still love the whole working here thing. I do believe I have beat the fuck out of the fact that I have no commute and can work in pjs should I choose to, so we'll just let that lie. But I can. Do that. You know, work in pjs. I'm just sayin....

We were supposed to go eat dinner with the bro in law last night but being that I felt like ass, we put it off. He has a few things for the hubs that he thought he might want so I hope the hubs goes over there and sees what is what because it's important, ya know? The rest of the weekend has been quiet. I do my grocery shopping on Friday mornings now before work (you know, the no commute job) and Kami, turn away for a second, ok?

Is she not looking?

OK, get this shit y'all. The Wally has this table runner that is fan-fucking-tastic and hi, $14. I also got pumpkin pie potpourri for this lovely basket that has fall leaves painted on it. (KAMI, DON'T MAKE ME PUT YOU IN A CORNER - NOW TURN AROUND!!!!) Once I get the house just how I want it for fall, I will take tons of pics and show them and we will just tell Kami I got the runner and potpourri from the big red bullseye, ok? Now, someone go get Kami, she is in the corner drinking margaritas right from the blender.

Last night, like I said we chilled here at the casa, watched the Saints play, well, like the Saints do and I read and finished the above mentioned book. I am now onto Lipstick Jungle by Candace Bushnell, the brain behind Sex and the City, one of the best shows ever on tv EVER. Today I got up, had lunch with Karen and then hit the Barnes. I love me some Barnes. I walk in there and it's like my blood pressure lowers, the buzzing in my brain quiets and I can just meander - pick up a book, glance at the back and either add it to the ever-increasing pile or place it back on the shelf. Today I picked up a mere 3 books, but my book habit is pricey, y'all. However, I might have the answer to my woes as well as any other readers out there. I found a website from a magazine (I think Redbook) about a Netflix for books. It works just as the flix does - you can pick the plan that works for you as in how many books you would like in your possession at one time. I have yet to really go browse the titles that they offer in order to see if it is good for me, but definitely go check it out. It's called www.booksfree.com. Let me know if y'all end up using this.

I also found this wonderful little picture for my kitchen at Linens N Things for the tidy sum of $20. Can't beat that. I figure my bargain basement score at LNT offsets my Barnes splurge. Isn't that how things work? Tonight I am half watching the Emmys and getting ready to go throw the fixings for this wonderful apple bread into the bread machine. I love relaxing nights like this. The hubs is working so it's just me, mom and the animals tonight. I already watched my Gilmore Girls last night, so I have to succumb to what is on network tv. Sad. Speaking of sad, the whole Dick Clark thing made me CRY. My dad had a stroke a long time ago and I just kept thinking how lucky I was that my dad recovered in the way that he did.

Oh, speaking of the Dad, we had a nice chat about him being a dipshit and not wanting to worry me. Until I pointed out that if I had to go to the hospital for a HANG NAIL, and the hubs did not call him from the damn ER, he'd have the hubs nuts on a spit roasted over a fire. He laughed and said I was right and agreed to not do that anymore. So that's good. He is not nervous about his test tomorrow. He said he is relieved that he can get something done and some answers to why he is so tired.

I FINALLY found a chick that cuts my hair right. God bless. I went to her with no knowledge of her skill. I only had a recommendation of the spa in which she works, but she was FANTASTIC. She did just what I asked her to. AND. AND. ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND. We talked for 45 minutes about Young and the Restless. I mean, hello. Match made in hairdo heaven, I think. I mean, the girl knew her shit too. I mean, with John just having kicked the bucket, girlfriend brought up Mamie. I mean, shit, Mamie has not been on there for a while and she remembered that shit. I was impressed, mmmmkay. She now has a new client who tips well, so hopefully she is as happy as I am to have found her. :)

OK, I do believe I have emptied my brain. Thanks for listening.

Oh, and I am not mentioning any names but someone, someone very cute is going to turn 3 on Tuesday. I won't mention any names but he is currently laying on the sofa looking Pooptastic. He will be getting a Pooper cake and Pooper presents. He deserves it since his last birthday had to be celebrated in a hotel room.

PS - by the way, go show my girl, Carrie, some love. That hookah spent her weekend working her ass off singlehandedly raising $300K for the Houston SPCA. There were other people there, but whatever. I know she did the bulk of the work. I love me some puppers and kitters so I think the fact that she does such selfless work for animals that are so helpless speaks volumes about her. Go show my bitch some love and watch her on the tube. She looks fab and does good work, mmmmmkay?

Elizabeth at 9:41 PM



at 10:48 PM Blogger Shell said...

Carrie did FANTASTIC. If they don't ask her to do it again next year then they are just RETARDED. Her Dad called in a donation 'cause she was there. And everytime she came on TV we all screamed for her. She probably heard us even though we were about 50 miles away.

I think I read that book. I think I had about the same impression.

at 10:54 PM Blogger Amy said...

Holy longwindedness! I could barely get through all that.

I too, mostly due to budget, have succumed to the evil that is wally-world. Sometimes they have some cool stuff or whatever....giggle

at 9:08 AM Blogger patti_cake said...

Happy Happy birthday to the Pooper!
Mad props to Carrie. I so admire people who do good for animals.
Hey you might want to check out www.bookfree.com (or might be booksfree.com) it is sort of like a Netflix only books.

at 9:35 AM Blogger The Kept Woman said...

(Wally World has the most fantastic pillar and 4-wick candles...they are cheaper and FAR more fragrant that TarJay)

But you didn't hear me say that...

at 9:43 AM Blogger Kami said...

OMG. I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU AND TKW. I did not turn away. I don't listen THAT well to direction. Shit.

So glad you got that straightened out with your pops.


at 10:52 PM Blogger Football Widow said...

I had to admit to Kami that I was at that same place the other day. I was killing time in between appt's and there was no bullseye in sight. I needed some cheap stuff to entertain the kid when I go out of town.

BUT, I will say. I can't like it there. I just can't. It's just not the same. I still heart my bullseye.

Oh, and yes, that IS bucktooth Jessica on my blog. Something about the rollerskating made me do it.


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