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Monday, August 21, 2006

Diarrhea of the mind and Book #40, Everyone Worth Knowing by Lauren Weisberger

I have so much shit in my cranium and it's just gotta come out. In bullets. You can thank Nappy for that idea. (Hey, I am all for passing the buck.)

-Not sure but I think I want to see the Outkast movie, Idlewild. It looks sorta creative and interesting.
-If I see the commercial for Old Navy about getting your fash on one more GD time, I am gonna flip the fuck out.
-That annoying girl on VH1, some British girl who sings about freeing a little bird while riding around on her bike needs to shut the fuck up.
-I have been cultivating what is, perhaps, the largest zit ever. I literally woke up with it Saturday morning and it grew all that day and over Saturday night. The hubs and I were seimming yesterday and even he commented on it. I could dye my hair purple and shave off an eyebrow and he would not notice, but he sure as shit saw this colony of pus on my jawline.
-I do believe that I found someone to finally cut my hair. My girl who used to do it lost her job since the hurricane and I have truly been at a loss for a year. I got one really fabulous cut from H2O but I can't justify spending that kind of money every 2 months. Sorry, just can't. However, this place in the next town looks really nice on their website and their haircuts are roughly what I used to pay Joy, so it's all good. I'll be calling them shortly. If I get another bad hair cut like my last 2, I think I'll go back in there with an Uzi.
-Saw a fantastic movie that I keep forgetting to comment about, The Night Listener, with Robin Williams and Toni Collette. I really enjoyed it.
-The hubs and I have seen a few decent Netflix. Well, one, really. We got Running Scared which was not great but the hubs liked it. I got bored and went and worked for an hour. I finally saw Million Dollar Baby. The first hour was SLLLOOOWW. It got way better though. I really enjoyed it a lot. She had a bad ass body in that.
-I watched the season opener of Laguna beach and it does not seem to be nearly as entertaining as the previous 2 seasons. Sorry, but no one does spoiled bitch quite like Kristin Cavalieri or whiny spoiled brat like Lauren Conrad. Just ain't the same, bitches.
-If the new season of Desperate Housewives or Grey's Anatomy does not start soon, I may flip out.
-I hate my neighbors even more than before. Nothing specific happened. I just truly loathe them and can't wait for them to get the fuck.
-I have started busting out my fall decor. Just for you, Kami. Once it's all the way I want, I shall take pictures, fo sho.
-The Pooper does not understand that even when I am home all day that when I am shackled to the computer in the back, I am working. He just figures, "Hey bitch, you are here and yet I am getting no attention." So he has taken to getting the nearest squeeky toy and spitting it into my lap and then backing up and sitting down like "You take it from here."
-Remember that girl I mentioned who drafted an email for her hubs to send to various family members to get them to purchase the dishes she wanted? Well, that shit worked. Booooyah!
-Am I the only person addicted to this year's Celebrity Fit Club? I have watched it before pretty regularly, but this year I like it way more. My favorite is Bone Crusher. I am not at all familiar with his music but he is kicks. I love that he just seems like a nice, down to earth guy who wants to get his shit together for his family.
-Oh for the love of GOD, why is the Shrub on tv? Oh, and he really did just say "Fancy digs you got here" when he reached the podium. If his brother runs for office for the next election, I'm moving.
-I think I need some breakfast.
-OK, book #40 Everyone Worth Knowing. It was good but not fantastic. I have discovered that while I love me some light and airy chick lit, I tend to like it to at least somewhat resemble my life. This took place in New York. The main character was a girl who ends up walking out on her job in banking that she hated and takes a job with a publicity firm who specializes in celebrities and major accounts. Her life ends up splashed all over the gossip rags and much of it is not true. Long story short, she is realizing that perhaps life running with the young and beautiful may not be all wine and roses. OK, it was good and I love the author who also wrote the Devil Wears Prada, but this one was not nearly as good. I tend to like shit set in the 'burbs. I can at least relate a little. A setting in NY is just outside my realm of understanding, but overall it was a fairly quick easy read so if you are looking to escape your life in the burbs for a while, give it a whirl.
-Speaking of which, I have mailed off a few books to those who have asked and I am happy to do so. If anyone reads a review and wants to read what I just finished or whatever, fire me off an email and let me know. I'm happy to send it off. I hate to read a book and then it just sit on my bookshelf. I would much rather someone else get some enjoyment out of it. I can't promise that I have every book I reviewed on here since a few came from the library or I may have sold them through Amazon, but if I have it, it's all yours.
-The Shrub is still babbling.
-The hubs is sick and if he passes on his phlegmy germs, I am gonna have to beat him.
-The Young and the Restless is, by far, my main form of entertainment. Do NOT judge me before you watch it. Of course it is a soap and therefore, by its very definition, a tad over dramatic and over the top, but it's big fun and I love it. Especially when John's wife, can't think of her name, does the crazy eyes face. It's fucking priceless.

OK, I think I emptied my brain and I gotta go find something else on tv because I can't deal with the Shrub try to piece together a sentence and I need some foodage. Later, bitches.

Elizabeth at 9:50 AM



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