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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Two rabbis and a priest go into a donut shop.......

So tonight was the second installment of "How to be a Catholic in 25 easy steps." Tonight we had Father Cracker teach us because Father Asian had a prior commitment. Let me just say right now that I almost pissed myself when this dude admitted that he took over the duties at the Pastoral Center because the priest prior to him was taking a hands on approach to some of the altar boys. I just never expected that sort of openness. Made me respect him on a whole other level. Plus he had a really great melodic voice like my Dad and that's always a good thing. Overall, I give tonight's class a solid B+.
Got a phone call tonight from my sister. I don't talk about her much because she is too far away in northern CA teaching and finding trees to hug. However, she called this evening because apparently my dad (he of the melodic voice) took a spill on Friday. Initially he went with the whole "my knee gave out" story but then admitted that he more than likely passed out being that he never once on the way down tried to stop himself. So he goes to his doctor and he orders a test to check his carotid artery. The super invasive test where they start with a scope or something down at the groin and work their way up to see what is causing the problem. Now, one might say quietly to oneself, "Self, why did SFG's dad's cardiologist not order this test? This test sounds like it is cardiac-like in nature." Um, you would be right. So my step-mom called the cardiologist and the office staff goes "Oh um, yeah, we did the screening for that test and there was a problem but we like um, forgot to tell you about it."

I'm sorry, psycho say what?

At that point, I blacked out momentarily because my head exploded but when it reattached itself and I asked my sis a few more questions. Basically the big mama jamma test is Monday so that is that. Here is what chaps my muthafuckin ass. My sister had to call me with this shit because she just found out herself today. The fall occurred FRIDAY. My sister found out today because my brother called her. I just talked to him - he called her because he just found out about the fall last night. Um, NO. What the fuck? I am his daughter, for fuck's sake. I know that I live 1500 miles away but this is in no way acceptable. Who the fuck are they (they being dad and step-mother) to decide what is ok and not ok to tell me about the state of my father's health? I want full disclosure and then I can decide what to worry about. Allow me to fret if I want to fret. But do NOT neglect to tell me that my own fucking father might have a blockage in his fucking carotid artery. I can't even begin to express how fucking angry I am. Multiple the number of times I curse in this post by about a 1000. You are halfway there.

Elizabeth at 11:36 PM



at 5:40 AM Blogger Dixie said...

I hate when people think they are doing you a favor by NOT telling you things.

Hope you're father is okay.

at 9:10 AM Blogger aka_Mer said...

"Some" parents really think they don't want to burden the kids by telling them things.

My FIL had prostrate cancer and was undergoing radiation treatments already before he ever mentioned it to ONE of the three kids. She (my SIL) then called us to see if we knew about it.

My FIL also didn't tell us when my husbands grandpa died... (I had a Christmas card all addressed and ready to send out that week and found out he died 2 weeks earlier!).

You'll probably have to have a heart to heart with your Dad and say TELL ME. CALL ME. And make him promise he will. Let him know you DO want to know... immediately.

at 9:34 AM Blogger Territorial said...

I find Father's most like that. Never wanting to tell their kids what is up.

Hope all is well with your Dad.

at 10:05 AM Blogger Tammy said...

Yea. I would want to know too. Let me worry, but don't let me be a fool. Ya know?

"Psycho says what?" That is hilarious?

Doesn't that doc know he's setting himself up for a mal-practice suit? Sorry. That's always the first thing I think of. No idea why.

at 10:06 AM Blogger Kami said...

UGH. So sorry. Why do they do that shit? Seriously.

I used to work with people getting heart caths. Fascinating stuff. I'll keep him in my thoughts...


at 10:09 AM Blogger Cara said...

My mom is the same way. My dad had a colonoscopy the last week in July and they removed 3 or 4 polyps. Whenever I ask if they've gotten the results back she keeps telling me no. Before the test she told me they'd get results in 2 weeks. So yeah, I'm not buying that they haven't heard anything. My dad had a heart attack when I was a senior in high school and my mom didn't tell me until 2 days later. Said he was in the hospital because "he fell". Yeah.

at 10:12 AM Blogger Shell said...

I know what you mean girl. When my Dad had his second rather large heart attack I only found out because my Little Sister called and asked me if I had heard anything else. Uh, heard about what?

I raced to the hospital to find my Mom basically in a comatose state telling me that she didn't want to worry me. It was such a bad heart attack that they had to put him on a heart assist device for a week. He almost died on the table twice.

I can't believe she didn't even call me. She only told my Little Sister because when she came home from school and no one was there and the house was left unlocked and she got scared and called my Mom who told her what happened.

at 11:11 AM Blogger The Kept Woman said...

Grrrrrrrrr...(I'm pissed for you)

Am I the only one who thinks it's funny that you used "fuck" a heap of times in the same post as your review of "I Wanna Be A Catholic" class?

at 2:41 PM Blogger Carrie said...

I get so bent when my parents withhold information about their health. I feel ya sister!

at 3:08 PM Blogger Shan said...

I would be furious as well. No doubt about it.

at 10:31 PM Blogger Nap Queen said...

I hope everything goes perfectly, and um, yeah, you have every right to be pissed. I remember when my dad casually told me he had had cancerous spots removed from his head the week before. EXCUSE ME? You have to tell you kids these things.

at 5:02 PM Blogger patti_cake said...

Honey I hope your Dad will be okay. I go through this too, my parents are always keeping important shit "not to worry me". Excuse me, if I love you I deserve to know ... and worry.


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