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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Book #45 - Class Moms by Katherine Stewart

This is the first book I received from the Books Free website, the sort of Netflix for books, if you will. So far it seems pretty cool but we shall see. This book was pretty good. It was basically about the ridiculous lengths that some Manhattan mothers will go in order to secure a good spot in a "desired" preschool for their child. The main character is a woman who makes a nice living but is still somehow a scholarship recipient on behalf of her daughter to attend the elite Metropolitan School. I suppose that situations like this do, indeed, exist, but I could not help but be appalled. Is it really that necessary to live vicariously through your kids at the age of 3??? The things that these women did to undercut each other and make their own children seem like angels from heaven were totally laughable. I recommend this to anyone who finds the humor in what we do to children in order to make ourselves feel better. It is either laugh or cry or tie my own tubes. I chose laugh.

Elizabeth at 6:30 PM



at 11:25 AM Blogger patti_cake said...

I am so thinking about trying the Booksfree deal.... let me know how you feel about it. The selection etc...

at 12:36 PM Blogger fin said...

A Netflix for books? I am so stoked!


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