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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Sorry girls. It's been a bit hectic. Monday I was truly a slug and got some sun. I also got the news that my dad might have cancer. He was in the hospital to get his carotid arteries cleaned out.

Yep, that's my pops. He does not just clog an artery with cholesterol and shit, he goes for the biggies. Way to overachieve, Dad.

They postponed his surgery because he had, what they thought, was fluid on his lungs. Yeah, not so much. They did a biopsy and should have the results today. Now, I know the odds. My Dad smokes like a chimney and does not take care of himself. He has been lucky thus far in that my fam seems to have some sort of genetic mutation that allows us to abuse the living crap out of our bodies and pay very little for it. For instance, I subsisted on fast food for the better part of 30 years. Do you think I have high cholesterol? High blood pressure? High triglycerides? Nope, nope, and nope. Now, could my ass be smaller? Of course. Anyway, point being that this could be the nicotine gods coming back on his ass. If he has cancer, I just pray that it has not metastasized.

Please go pray or chant or do a "no cancer on SFG's dad" dance or something, ok? That man means the world to me. He made me try hard and never let me slack off. That sounds like a hard ass, but I know his motivation was good. He is the voice in my head always making me go farther, faster, and better than anyone else. If that voice is gone, then I am not sure what I would do.

Elizabeth at 9:08 AM



at 9:32 AM Blogger Stephanie said...

Pissy is with you girl.
I am thinking good thoughts for your and your Pops.

at 9:33 AM Blogger Tammy said...

Doing "No cancer for SFG's dad" dance.

Hope all is well.

at 10:18 AM Blogger Territorial said...

Keeping him in my thoughts. And you too.

at 10:27 AM Blogger A taste that's bitter said...

Dude, I am chanting it RIGHT NOW. All my thoughts and prayers are with you.

at 11:23 AM Blogger Kami said...

DOing this right now.


at 2:00 PM Blogger patti_cake said...

SFG I am so very sorry to hear this.
Sending all the healing, positive vibes you and your families way. This just sucks. I feel the same way about my Dad. I Heart him beyond words..

at 3:50 PM Blogger MMC said...


I've been down that road and back and it's not a good trip....either way.

I'm praying for your family.

at 5:09 PM Blogger Bart said...

Eloquent post for your inspiration.

Praying for your Dad.

at 5:35 PM Blogger rpm said...

I will be adding him and you to my prayers. I hope you all will be better news from tests and that he can get whatever treatment he needs and that he gets WELL.

at 5:39 PM Blogger Dixie said...

Positive vibes! Hope he'll be ok!

at 5:39 PM Blogger Tracy said...

I've been vibing your dad somethin' fierce. I know how it feels to have a parent who just refuses to take care of themself. FRUSTRATION CENTRAL!!!


at 6:04 PM Blogger MommyOutOfControl said...

Sending positive thoughts from Connecticut! Praying all is well today...have you heard yet?

at 10:51 PM Blogger MilkMaid said...

All my thoughts are with you guys SFG. My MilkMan had his left (95% blocked) done two weeks ago and is going back this Wed, to do his right carotid (90%).

So far, so good. And so far, no more smoking...

I'll check back to keep up with your Pops, take care of yourself.


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