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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Funkdified weather, anniversary and the Grudge II

Hi, I'm not dead. Just busy. The hubs and I went out for a nice din din on Saturday night at Ruth's Chris to celebrate our anniversary. We made 2 years without any stab wounds to the neck. I consider that special. We stopped off at the Barnes on the way home because we be all wild and crazy like that. Sunday, we both slept later than usual (read: past 7) and went to church. I normally do lunch with my chica, Karen, but she had to bow out. Something about a huge sale and she had to go. So we finished church, drove to Baton Rouge because I wanted to check out the Ashley furniture warehouse because I am going to be rid of this sectional if it kills me. We found a couch and love chair and a half combo that we both liked. Now we just need to cough over the money. We probably won't buy for a little bit, but I wanted to check out that store to see if it was even worth my time to make the drive again. Being that we were so close and not at all because I really wanted to go, we drove a couple exits down to let me rub myself up on Kohls for a while. I managed to score a couple Xmas presents. Right on. We came home and chilled the rest of the night. Yesterday was our actual anniversary. We hung out and watched the Grudge II. Now y'all know I love me some horror movies, but as we all know, sequels can go either way. This one was not bad. Sarah Michelle Gellar was only in it ever so briefly, but still pretty good. It will end up in my horror collection at some point.

The weather is just ick. Yesterday was so windy and HUMID. Last night it started raining HARD. I got up to walk the Pooper this morning and it was sorta spit raining and as you know, the Pooper - him no likey rain dripping on his head. So we came back. I go back to work today but the hubs is still off. Nothing exciting. However, I plan to watch the part of Dancing with the Stars tonight to check out what the HELL happened with poor Sara Evans. I have been a fan for a while now and that poor thing's husband sounds like quite the asswipe. I hope he is not exactly as bad as portrayed. However, the reports seem to have taken the allegations straight from the divorce papers, so who knows?

That's my exciting life. How is yours?

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Elizabeth at 8:58 AM



at 9:25 AM Blogger A taste that's bitter said...

Me, first? That NEVER happens.

Ahem, sorry. I was waiting to see if you saw Grudge II, because I want to go see it. I wanted to see if ya liked it. :)

at 10:24 AM Blogger Kami said...

The weather here was sucky yesterday, too.


at 10:36 AM Blogger Cheeky said...

Yeah on the anniversary! Woohoo! Weather has been sucky everywhere.

Thanks for the review on the Grudge II. I think I may wait for video on that one - I am however, all excited about Saw III - this chick is going to the movies for that one!

at 10:46 AM Blogger louisiana swamp rat said...

Sounds like a nice, laid back anniversary - congrats! Oh, if you find human fiascos at all interesting, feel free to come over and read about my wreck this weekend - when I fell out of the car door onto my head...

at 10:54 AM Blogger TBG said...

Happy Anniversary!

I am glad the hubby was in one piece to celebrate stab wound free!

Oh I love furniture shopping just wish I loved paying for it!

at 1:41 PM Blogger patti_cake said...

I heart me some horror movies and Kohls... you had two of my favorites in one post. Way to go SFG!
Happy Belated Anniversary :)

at 2:27 PM Blogger Shell said...

Your dog is bitching about sprinkles? He wouldn't have gone out to do business since Sunday morning if he was here. I am so sick and tired of the rain. I'm trading in my car for a boat.

I'm amazed no one has been stabbed either! Wow. :-)

at 6:00 PM Blogger Carrie said...

Two years with no stab wounds - that is impressive! Happy Anniversary!

didn't ya'll get all the crappy rain after it flooded us out? :P

at 10:41 PM Blogger Tammy said...

Rub yourself on some Kohls? That cracks my shit right up.

Yeah. Poor Sara. That is just awful.

at 11:09 PM Blogger Sheri & SuZan said...

I'm so glad that you have had two years with no stab wounds!


I think yesterday my car had to learn the back stroke...and we sent the weather your way.

at 8:30 AM Blogger Territorial said...

Happy Anniversary!!

I love furniture shopping too. It's been too long since such an event around here.

at 9:33 AM Blogger Pissy Britches said...

Happy Anniversay you HAB!
Sounds like a very fun day you had there.

The weather here BITES. I hate TN.

at 11:28 AM Blogger Annejelynn said...

1. Happy Anniversary

2. I'm too scared to see either Grudge I or II

3. Sara Evans is getting a divorce (how I know this? I dunno.)


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