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Friday, October 06, 2006

Preparing me for motherhood

OK, before I even start, just fucking save all your comments like "Well, that's you mom and you should just go" and "You sound like a rude daughter." Just fucking save it, ok?

I am so God damned tired of running all over the fucking place. That is all I do. I work FROM HOME. That means my car time should be down to a minimum. However, the hubs works so fucking much that he is never here to pick up the slack. EVER. The agreement was when I got this job that if he was available, (ha ha, yeah right) he would schlep my mother around to her various things in order that I could have a day off here and there. Let me tell you how that worked out.


I know all you moms bust your ass working and then keeping a house and then dragging the kids to their various obligations while trying to have a life of your own. I get that. But guess what? I don't have fucking kids. Shouldn't my time be MY DAMN TIME? Should I not be able to have a modicum of privacy? Well, I fucking don't. My mother barges into whatever room she feels like. I close my bedroom door when I go to take a shower and she will just stroll on through like "hi." Not that I gave two craps about her seeing this Venus-like bod I got going on, but FUCK. GET OUT. I want 3 damn minutes (THREE MINUTES THAT I AM NOT WORKING) to not have someone in my face. I need to go here. When can we do this? This doctor's appt is this day. I know you just went to the grocery, but I need this. (That one fires me up the most.) I don't fault the hubs for working. I know that he picks up all this OT because, ya know, we kinda got used to like electricity and food and shit. We be all crazy like that. But, muthafuckah, I am so fucking tired of doing everything else. If this is even half as bad as what it is like to be a mother (granted, I don't get to deal with snotty noses and projectile vomit) then I am getting my damn tubes tied in a double knot. Nothing gets done in this house unless I do it. NOTHING with the exception of grass cutting and pool maintenance.

Hey, other two people who live in this house????? Pick up a damn sponge. I promise you - they don't bite. And guess what? I have a job too.


Elizabeth at 12:16 PM



at 5:06 PM Blogger Dixie said...

I am so with you on this one! All I can say is you are going to have to sit her down (while you are not in a bad mood) and tell her. Make sure she is paying attention to you. Tell her, that knocking is REQUIRED in your house. Next time she might get shot because you didn't know she wasn't an intruder.

p.s. Go ahaed and get those tubes tied honey. I don't even get to take a shit without a child in the room. I miss the good old days of motherlesshood.

at 8:26 PM Blogger patti_cake said...

You definitely have to talk to her and let her know a)how you feel and b) what you expect from her.
DON'T get the tubes tied. Babies/Toddlers can be a bit aggravating but the pluses are so worthwhile and i'm told in no time they are fairly self-sufficient.

at 10:42 PM Blogger Tammy said...

My very passive aggressive suggestions would be to lock your bathroom door, hire a maid, and call her a cab. :)

at 10:45 PM Blogger Mind said...

I'm with everyone else that's commented thusfar: sit all God's children down and have a "come to Jesus" meeting (as we say in Alabama). Sounds like your Mom and hubs need to respect your time and that you feel taken advantage of-- they may not even realize what they are doing and how upset you are. They love you and they'll understand... and even try to help you I bet! :)
However, I think never/rarely having time to yourself is the BIGGEST compliant from ANY mother-- you end up holding the (literally and figuratively) shit end of the stick most of the time. There is a lot of joy but lawd have mercy, it's a lot of work too. :)

at 1:00 PM Blogger Sheri & SuZan said...

I was thinking along Tammy's post. Damn that would driving me insane!

at 1:17 PM Blogger aka_Meritt said...

So... for your birthday I need to get you an industrial strength lock for your door and a 'do not disturb' sign?

at 11:45 PM Blogger Shell said...

Hey...see if we can get a group rate discount on the tube tying thing. ;-)

Oh yeah...and get a lock. Maybe a bottle of pepper spray. A stun gun. After a shot or two from the stun gun and pepper spray they might learn.


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