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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Question for the masses, part deux

How badly can one fuck up one's dog by singing the following:

"Him name is Pooper...
Him is a bad dog"

To the tune of Copacabana?

Hmmmm, that bad, huh?

Damn it.

Three years ago today, a very bad dog came into my life and has made it a messier, but way better place to be. If Blogger was not being a whore, I would post a picture of him sleeping again.

We also make him do the bunny hop.

Don't tell Carrie or else she will call the local chapter of the SPCA. She has pull like that.


Elizabeth at 12:33 PM



at 12:42 PM Blogger Tammy said...

Damn, that's funny. Pooper probabaly deserves the bad song as I'm sure he's being very messy.

at 12:43 PM Blogger Shell said...

I posted, I posted you freaky dog singing girl...damn. Don't drag me down with ya, okay?

at 2:51 PM Blogger patti_cake said...

Girl you kill me. The Pooper is much loved, of that I know!

at 3:03 PM Blogger Cheeky said...

As long as you dress him up as you sing it I think its ok...hehe

at 3:26 PM Blogger The Kept Woman said...

Love the song.

I used to call the Duckling Spazz when she was a baby. Sugar Daddy made me stop because of potential long term self-image damage.

Dogs have no problem with that. They're just happy you're singing to them.

at 3:32 PM Blogger Shell said...

You're lucky that Carrie is more upset about the ordinance passed today - ban on smoking in restaurants AND bars here in Houston. She might let this abuse slip by. Keep your nose clean though 'cause she'd turn your ass in without a second thought!

at 4:12 PM Blogger dillyberto said...

Turning a mess into a song is a good start to clearing up the issue.

Check this youtube video out on my buddy's blog.


Incredible stuff. It just makes you smile.

at 5:58 PM Blogger TBG said...

Ahh Happy Day to the Pooper!

I am sure he loves the song, I know I am enjoying it from afar!

at 8:56 PM Blogger Adam said...

Happy birthday to Gage! Has he hit the magical "3-year calm down?" Molly turned into a very well behaved dog overnight shortly after her 3rd.

at 9:37 PM Blogger Nikki said...

HA HA...that is a great song. We sing similar ones to all of ours...to the tune of Copacabana, You are my Sunshine and many more in this batty household. Thanks for letting me feel like I'm not the only one!

at 10:49 PM Blogger Carrie said...

Oh, I'm SOOO reporting your ass. :P

Not so much because I don't think pooper had it coming, but because now I have that damn song stuck in my head. :)

It's cool though, I've started referring to the wee kittens as 'little stinkers' :P So small, yet so potent. (I posted video - you KNOW Reba and Hoss need a new companion...) hee-hee

I'm on sis's ass as well, perhaps if this new set of storms floods us all out, she'll have time to post. :P

at 9:18 AM Blogger Kami said...

Poor, poor Pooper. I'm sure that this qualifies as mental abuse.

at 5:42 PM Blogger Tammy said...

Why does your blog keep asking me for a password?

at 7:56 AM Blogger Sheri & SuZan said...


I don't think he minds the song...it's all in the tone.



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