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Thursday, October 26, 2006

SPF - Squoooooooshy stuff

Kristine, the HAB, the RAIDERS FAN, is too busy over there feeling herself up so she gave us a super easy SPF. I am actually playing tonight because I love nothing more than to give a Raiders fan some shit. She wants to see:
-Our potholders
-Our pumpkins
-Something pink

Here goes nuthin....

My fall potholder. Yes, I have a fall potholder. That sound you hear? That's Kami making fun of me.

The potholds that do the actual work. And yes, they are holiday related. Shut. UP.

My pumpkins. They do light up and look all scary and stuff. However, it's daytime. I have not gotten a pumpkin to carve yet. That's tomorrow, bitches.

This is my something pink. No, not Reba herself. Her tiny, cute little button nose. The rest of her grew, she got less red, the gunk cleared out of her eyes (she had constant eye infections as a wee kitten), she no longer pees on me while I sleep, but her tiny pink nose never changed. I loves me some her.

Now, go tell the HAB is you played. Oh, and Kristine, I know Ben took a shot to the head. Again. I know Hines Ward is dropping passes right and left. I know Polamalu has not been heard from NEARLY like he should. I know Willie Parker insists on running up the middle despite the fact he runs into a wall of a defensive line every damn time. I KNOW ALL THIS.

We will still beat y'all.


Elizabeth at 11:16 PM



at 11:46 PM Blogger TBG said...

First Bitches!

I love your seasonal pot holder. I am totally impressed!

I played!

at 12:09 AM Blogger Teena said...

What a cute kitty!

I played, though my take on pumpkins is a bit different than yours.

at 12:12 AM Blogger Shell said...

*snicker*you have seasonal pot holders. Damn girl...I thought I had a lot of holiday crap. I'm gonna show the Boyfriend this when he complains about pulling out the Halloween stuff this weekend.

at 12:47 AM Blogger Connie said...

Cute pumpkins in the window and who would have thunk it, I mean the kitty nose. Cute.

at 8:00 AM Blogger Christie said...

awww what a pretty kitty!

at 8:32 AM Blogger san said...

Oh, I love your oven mits and your cat is the cutest!

Happy SPF! I played!

at 8:32 AM Blogger The Kept Woman said...

That's nice that you kitty doesn't pee on you anymore.

Our next door neighbor teenage, whack-job, Napoleon Dynamite running fool loves him his red Chevy Cavalier. One day he got home from school and his dog was all excited so he peed on his boy's tire. The kid didn't see but it cracked my shit right the fuck up.

at 8:43 AM Blogger Fleur De Lisa said...

Nope, you can't get your pumpkin too soon- that mushy crap is nasty business.

Love your cute kittie nose.

Happy SPF and I played too.

at 10:56 AM Blogger Kami said...

I'm not making fun. I love that you decorate for EVERY.THING. ;)

at 11:32 AM Blogger hemlock said...

Festive potholders? WOW. That's dedication! I love the leaf ones!

As for Reba? She's LOVELY! Reba and my fluffy black kitty should make babies. They'd be way too cute!

Great SPF!

at 11:51 AM Blogger Lee said...

wow, lots of thought in your pot holders...that's pretty cool...love Reba, she's beautiful! I played

at 1:18 PM Blogger ficklechick said...

I have seasonal potholder envy!

I played. :)

at 1:59 PM Blogger Jenni said...

I love seasonal pot holders!

Happy SPF! I played too!

at 3:29 PM Blogger Dixie said...

Cute kitty!

at 6:28 PM Blogger Nicole said...

First I cannot believe that Shell is just now putting up her decorations. Umm Shell Halloween is on Tuesday. Second when you get here I will have chips and some piping hot queso waiting for you... :)

at 7:04 PM Blogger Platypus said...

I love the pictures - we just don't get half that stuff over here although every year we do get more. Oh and that horrible pop-up log-in thingy has gone - hoorah! :)

at 7:35 PM Blogger Lori said...

Hey, I get Christmas pot holders. We're just festive! I want that black refrig.

at 6:21 PM Blogger Sheri & SuZan said...

I've got Christmas potholders and that's about it for seasonal ones.

Love Reba's nose!



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