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Monday, November 27, 2006

Book #55 - Love @ First Site and One down, Three to go

OK, book review first. This is another Jane Moore book. I got an onslaught of them at one time from the book service dealio I use. I have another one sitting back there somewhere too. Anyway, this one is about a girl who hates her job, is single and not thrilled about it, close with her fam but has that one friend who is truly the non-friend. Doesn't everyone have one of those? I used to. A girl I dealt with and honestly, I am not sure why. No energy for the confrontation, maybe? No balls for the confrontation is more like it. However, I made it a point of extricating a lot of the negative from my life this year and she was part of that.

Back to the book. The evil "friend" in the book signs up the main character to an online dating service - not a fun thing or a way to get a laugh but to just make her squirm. I won't even go into the rest of the book because a lot of things unfold and I will for sure give crucial details away. I am in the middle of reading a not quite as fluffy book called The Memory Keeper's Daughter. I gotta mix fluff into that though. I am just superficial that way, sorry.

Today was day 1 of the 4 ten hour days I have this week. Today was relatively painless. Started out slow but once those doctors got back to work, I was rockin all day. I would like to make up for the work I missed the last 3 days of last week, but I doubt that will happen. I could maybe make up 50% or so. I'll take it. I needed the break.

Tonight has been a quiet night. Just some tv and the Poop-a-loop at my side begging for some dirty rice. I could feed him until he exploded and still, he sit with his chin on my knee with the face of starvation on.

I've decided I want a big red barn star for above the tv. Lori over at Lost In Surburbia inspired me. I found several on ebay for next to nothing. I hope the hubs gets me one for Xmas. If not, I shall take care of it myself after the holidays.

OK, Catholics out there - question for ya. What is a feast day? It is not a holy day of obligation, right? What is the diff between those two things and why is mass attendance obligatory on the days of obligation and not feast days? Splain to me please. Of course, my cradle Catholic hubs did not know dick. Please - contain your shock.

OK, I'm off to read more trash and sit in my comfy bed kept warm by my fluffy cat and long legged, runs in his sleep, grinds his toofers, pitches an all fired fit when I am not touching him if he is on the bed (I will SO get that on tape one day) Poopus. Night night, all.

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Elizabeth at 10:21 PM



at 10:36 PM Blogger Tammy said...

How I long for the days where I could sit and do absolutelyfuckingnothing.

Enjoy it while you can.

at 10:36 PM Blogger Tammy said...


at 11:42 PM Blogger Zen Master said...

Let me know how The Memory Keeper's Daughter goes. That one looked interesting to me.

Um...feast day. As far as I know they are a day to celebrate people (saints) or events (Christmas, Easter, Mary's birthday)... some of them are days of obligation and some aren't.

I would guess some are obligatory based on importance and all aren't because we would spend all our time kneeling in the church. ;-)

I'm a cradle catholic and I can't really remember the half of it.Most of it I "learned" when I was too young to know what I was learning.

at 1:39 AM Blogger Mind said...

You'll LOVE the Memory Keepers Daughter!! It was AWESOME!!! Can't wait to hear your review of it!!

at 9:38 AM Blogger Kami said...

If you come to Texas, we can get you a barn star. No eBay. :)

at 9:55 AM Blogger Shell said...

Day of feast? I'm a cradle Catholic and that's a new one on me but it sounds yummy! Is that when the church has a potluck? Hehehehe...

If my Granny was still here she could go into DETAIL about it.

Just order the freakin star...like your hubs is going to remember to do that...you deserve it anyways.

at 10:32 AM Blogger patti_cake said...

Ok you have to put up picks of the Poop-A-Looper running in his sleep. I want a barn star too.

at 2:58 PM Blogger Mainline Mom said...

Man I really need to start reading some books again.

at 9:58 PM Blogger The Kept Woman said...

Did someone say feast!??!!? I think that's Biblical for Par-tay!!!

:) I know these things, you know...

at 7:49 PM Blogger Just Me said...

Holy days of obligation are similar to Sundays. You are obligated to attend Mass and avoid necessary work. Each country has different Holy Days. I'm in Canada and only have 2...the USA has 8 I think.

A feast day is a day set aside for individual Saints. Each Saint has their own feast day. It is not an obligation to attend Mass that day.


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