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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Questions for the internets

I am starting to really get some lines below and around my eyes. Any idea for a good eye cream? Nothing heavy, maybe even a gel would be good. Please give me your thoughts.

I seem to have this tendency that is offputting to those that do not know me well. Granted, none of you have met me in real life, but my personality is pretty clear on here. Any advice to maybe tone down my...um.....let's go with bitchiness?

Has anyone read some really awesome books lately? If so, cough those titles up, please.

Does anyone have one of those prelit Xmas trees? I have resisted them, but the practicality just is so obvious. Thoughts?

Any questions for me?

Also, I check my site meter fairly often and I have a shitten ton of lurkers that don't comment. Say hi once in a while people. I seeeeeee youuuuuuu.


Elizabeth at 8:14 PM



at 8:22 PM Blogger Emanuelle said...

I liked your blog. Congratulations!

at 8:51 PM Blogger Cheeky said...

Hehehe on the lurkers....we need a national de-lurker day.

I haven't gotten a pre-lit tree - just wouldn't be the same if Mr. Cheeky and I didn't get cranky at having to untangle the lights - its tradition.

at 9:38 PM Blogger Cara said...

TxMom did a highly unscientific study of a couple of different eye creams a few months ago...I don't know that she ever posted the outcome though.

When I bought my tree last year, I did not spring for the lit kind. This year however, I think we're going to be very careful and diligently wrap every single branch instead of just kinda stringing them around so that we can leave the lights on it when we put it away.

No idea about the bitchiness reduction effort. Maybe if other people would just be less irritating ;)

at 10:31 PM Blogger Tammy said...

1. No idea about the eye creme.
2. Paxil CR 25 mg.
3. I don't have one, but would love one.

I heart you and your bitchyness, girfriend.

at 10:32 PM Blogger Tammy said...

Oh, and I too liked your blog.

at 11:44 PM Blogger Kelly said...

Delurkin' as requested! :) So here's the run down on what you asked:
1. No clue about the eyecream-- I use Noxema on my face and that's about it. Occasionally hit it with something that's probably spent far too long in my medicine cabinet to actually be effective.
2. Books... the John Grisham book, "Innocent Man" was FABULOUS! I'm currently reading "Historian." It's okay but a little hinky if you ask me (I'm not all into the Dracula thing and it's supposed to be some geneolgy thing-- I think).
3. There's plenty to think about but nothing to really worry about--worry about those things within your control... if it ain't-- let it go. If not possible, there's always better living through pharmaceuticals. ;P
4. I have a pre-lit Christmas tree and it's wonderful. No fuss, no muss with stringing lights or puttin' all that shit up after the holidays. WAYYY one of the smartest things people have invented.
Aren't ya glad you asked? :)

at 9:17 AM Blogger patti_cake said...

I wish I had a site meter so I could see who visits me but i'm so stupid I prolly couldn't figure it out if I had one!

I use Oil Of Olay but I really need some botox of the forehead um I mean fivehead.

Celebrate your bitchiness as I do mine. It's an art, girlfriend. I heart your bitchiness to the nth degree!

I wish I had some good book reccomendage. I have to get to the Library stat this week.

We always get a live tree and like Cheeky, if my hub didn't get all cranky and cuss while putting up the Christmas tree, well it just wouldnt' be Christmas!

at 9:39 AM Blogger Stephanie said...

I don't know shit about eye cream.
How about Botox.
I am going to get me some of that shit soon.

at 10:04 AM Blogger Sarcasm Queen said...

Delurking again as requested b/c I do heart your blog!
1.)No clue on eye stuff - I use just oil of olay but its just a general mosturizer.
2.) I have the same issue - lexapro 10mg when it gets bad and I can't get over it - kind of numbs the things I tend to obsess and freak out on and make me generally a bit more cheery.
3.) Innocent Man/Grisham - good but took me longer then expected to get through. Just bought the new Alex Cross book - I think its just called "Cross" - only 3 chapters in but anything by that guy is awesome!
4.) I have a fake tree and why I didn't get the prelit one is beyond me. Seriously thinking about buying another and making it prelit - just cant stomach the money aspect of it yet.

Keep up the good work - you crack my shit up.

at 10:26 AM Blogger Kami said...


at 11:54 AM Blogger Shell said...

You're bitchy? I haven't noticed. However, I think a gun to the head of the offender would make you feel a LOT better.

I've got a ton of books lying around that you can read. I'll make a list tonight and you can look at them on Amazon and see which ones you want to read. I probably won't get to read them until this summer but by then you will be done. :-)

Sleep gets rid of those bags and dark rings...well at least for me it does.

at 1:02 PM Blogger A taste that's bitter said...

#1. I have no advice on the eye cream. I just let my ugly shine through all the time. I don't ever try to cover mine up. :P
#2. You can tone down your bitchyness if you like, but I will hate you for it.
#3. Did you ever read "The ALienist"? It's pretty old, but it's a GREAT book.
#4. We have a fake tree, but sadly it's not prelit. If I had the money, I would get one fo'sho.

at 2:10 PM Blogger Platypus said...

De-lurking 'cos you said to! On eye cream, Olay do a good one for fine lines which has helped me. Can't think of the name though...

You're not bitchy, you're straight talking and don't take crap. That's why we love you and keep coming back so no advice from me on toning it down!

at 2:38 PM Blogger Candy said...

Another lurker here. I love to read your blog, cracks me up. Should be able to help with the eye thing, but my idea is just not to look too close & denial works well for me also.

Bought a 9' prelit tree from a guy selling his, for $100. Lovely.

Stole some of your book recommendations, so in return, one that I loved loved is The Time Travelers Wife (Audrey Neffennegger (sp?)

Bitchiness: a few glasses of Pinot Grigio works wonders...

at 4:46 PM Blogger Sheri & SuZan said...

eye cream? I was thinking Botox.

I love your bitchyness! You are so refreshing.


at 5:46 PM Blogger Sandy said...

Enjoy your sense of humor.

Arbonne has awesome eye cream. It is a little pricey though, and you can only buy it from a person or their website. I got a sample and I love it.

at 7:01 PM Blogger Nap Queen said...

I have been using Nivea CoQ10 (from any drugstore) for about 5 years now. Who knows if it works cause I don't know what I'd look like if I hadn't been using it, but I choose to believe I still look 25 (HAHAHAHAHAHA!)

at 7:07 PM Blogger Lori said...

I use Nivea Multiple Results eyecream sometimes, but mostly I'm too damn lazy and just use my face moisturizer/cream.

Please do let me know if you figure out how to temper the bitchiness. I need help, but am trying to stay off the drugs for a bit.

I've been thinking about getting a fake tree too. If I get one I'll definitely get a prelit one.

at 10:43 PM Blogger Just Me said...

I love Clinique anti gravity eye cream.
I either need concealer or preparation H...no kidding, I've heard models use it.

I might try it and let you know.

at 10:47 PM Blogger BamaGirl said...

I love Noevir eye cream. You have to buy it from a noevir rep though or online.

at 11:36 PM Blogger Football Widow said...

I have a pre-lit tree. It's a toss up. I love not having to mess with watering a tree and dealing with all those damn needles. But I hate fluffing the fake tree. It takes forever because I'm all OCD about it. But I will never go back to a real tree!


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