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Thursday, November 16, 2006

SPF - in honor of the Blog of the Month, Missing JT Snow

That chick over in CA wants us to do the following in honor of National Epilepsy Month for SPF:

-something we seize
-something that shakes
-something purple.

This is something I seized. Well, I seized control really. Of our finances. This bill organizer used to be such a source of stress for me. I take care of the finances in our home and seriously we played check roulette and did the "please for the love of GOD, don't let that bill clear just yet" game many a time. Well, several months back, the hubs and I took one of several steps to make sure that never happens again. I can't even begin to say what a relief that is.

This is what shakes. No, not the big J. My faith. As most of you know, I started taking RCIA classes a few months back in an attempt to find out where I belong. I don't talk too much about it here lately, but I am happy to say that I think I found my place. My classes are teaching me a lot and lately my faith is stronger now than it has been in a long while. I truly believe that I am making it through this trying time with my Dad's illness because of my belief that regardless of what happens, I have a soft place to land. It does NOT make it any easier though.

Something purple. My really cool suede bag. I bought this while evacuated 2 or 3 years ago in Houston. I got it on sale and instantly fell in love. Now if I ever evacuate to Houston again, I am so looking up the Houston Blogging Bitches to shop with!!!!

So did you play?


Elizabeth at 10:05 PM



at 11:27 PM Blogger Kami said...

Oooooh, pretty bag. I want to pet it!

at 1:12 AM Blogger CrazyRN said...

Your bag looks so soft!!

I think I need one of those organizers for my desk!

Great SPF..I played too! Have a great weekend!

at 1:15 AM Blogger Zen Master said...

I wish I could seize our financial matters.

God is my strength but you are right, it does not make things easier.

Very pretty bag!

at 1:28 AM Blogger Kelly said...

Very cool bag! And I've been thinking of going to those same classes! We should talk! ;)

I played!

at 4:27 AM Blogger JD's Rose said...

I want the bill organiser... That is cool!

at 7:54 AM Blogger Sheri & SuZan said...

Love the bag! You had better look us up when you are here.

check roulette...LOL...oh how I know that well. I know I always dreamed of the day that I could pay a bill as soon as it came in.

Great SPF; I played!

at 10:02 AM Blogger Mainline Mom said...

Hmm I need a bill organizer like that. Hey so glad to hear you're finding your faith. I think in reality it does actually make things a littl easier...just certainly NEVER easy...for me anyway.

at 10:11 AM Blogger Shell said...

I don't need the organizer...I need to you PAY my bills. That would work a whole lot better.

Oh yeah...if you ever do have to run from the windy wet bitch again you can come crash with any of us.

Pass the bag this way when you're tired of it...

at 10:20 AM Blogger patti_cake said...

We got seperate checking accounts and I can't tell you how much love it. More $ for me to shop with :)

My faith has it's shaky moments too but I would be lost without it.

I would so love to evacuate and shop in Houston w/ you! Great bag! I have some shoes that would match it perfectly (don't anybody laugh or FUG me)

at 10:57 AM Blogger Mama C said...

You still get bills? Go paperless!

I think I get 2 bills nowadays. Great that you tackled the organization.

I played.

at 2:23 PM Blogger The Kept Woman said...

Congrats on being in control of the finances. Isn't that spinning out of control thing the worst? For me it's not bills but the damn filing in our house. The amount of crap we get that we have to file and keep around his is asinine.

Happy weekend, Chiquita Banana!

at 2:46 PM Blogger Jenni said...

That is a cool suede bag!

Happy SPF!

at 11:07 PM Blogger Uzz said...

Like a lot of people, my faith has at times been shaky. Five years ago it was amazingly strong, but when my sister was tragically taken from me, it went through a testing phase. I watched as my nephew recovered miraculously from a coma suffered in the accident and my other nephew and niece survived as well. Even watching that good unfold before my eyes, I still felt a distance, though I never left my faith.

I am glad to hear about the classes!

Great SPF!!! Thanks for stopping by!

at 12:01 AM Blogger Lisa said...

Ohhh. Love the bag! Yeay you for organizing the bills and stuff.

at 12:34 AM Blogger Teena said...

Great interpretation!

Thanks for stopping by mine :)


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