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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Thanks for the bone, Ben, Book #52 and other crap

Well, my boys pulled it out, so Ben's jaw is safe for another week.

I also have to catch up on book reviews. So book #52 was "The Same Sweet Girls" by Casandra King. I had read another book of hers, "The Sunday Wife" and while the story is out of my brain right now, I remember liking it. Well, this book was fabulous all the way to the incredibly bitter sweet ending. In fact the very end was just perfect. I loved it.

The book was about 6 girls who had been friends since college. One of the originals had died at the age of 25 and another girl had sorta filled her spot since then and had inadvertantly given the group their name. I won't go into it because it would take forever, but it was a wonderful book that showed how even in our dysfunctional friendships with some of our friends, we get so much more than we put out from them. I just loved it.

I have been a slacker with putting pictures on here, so this is a shot I took one night outside my house. Is that sky not amazing?

This is why I will go to Pet Owner Hell.

Well, that and this.

Sorry, but this shit just cracks me UP.

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Elizabeth at 7:49 PM



at 10:16 PM Blogger Nicole said...

That dog is so freaking cute and I need to come and stay with you just to see ya'lls sunsets!

at 1:01 AM Blogger Zen Master said...

If you are going to pet owner hell, I am going with you. lol

You should see my pics from Halloween of my cats. I dress them up for Christmas too.

Your dog is just too cute!

at 4:12 PM Blogger Carrie said...

Aw, look how cute pooper is!!! :)

at 9:00 PM Blogger Adam said...

Wow, you certainly are great with Photoshop...No one in their right mind would subject a beautiful Golden to such trauma!

at 9:09 PM Blogger Tracy said...

I am SO IN LOVE with that dog.

at 2:50 PM Blogger Shell said...

I think Carrie is filling out the pet abuse paperwork right now.


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