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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Book #56 - The Ex Files

This book was sorta unreal, but I still liked it. Done by Jane Moore who I have said before that I enjoy. The main characters were about to get married and each made the ridiculous decision to invite a few of each of their exes to the nuptials. Of course, all hell breaks loose when a huge secret is let out and mayhem ensues. Good book for those who like light drama of which none touches you.

I am still reading The Memory Keeper's Daughter, but seriously, I just can't do stuff that is not lighthearted anymore. It takes me a bit to get through something rather serious in nature. Even though this book is not a downer in any way, I just have this tendency toward frivolity lately. Who knows what my deal is? Anyway, shooting for 60 books by the end of the year. Should be able to do it. :)


Elizabeth at 2:06 PM



at 9:13 PM Blogger Shell said...

You sooooo suck girl. I can't even get through my one book and it's a book full of short stories. I think I will tally a whopping six non-textbook books for the year. Woo hoo for me.


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