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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I am so decorated OUT

I promised to leave all my Christmas decor out for my aunt to come take a look at (because we both so get off on the decor stuff) but she is not coming until New Year's day. If I don't go batshit crazy by then with all this shit out, then I shall consider it a victory. I did begin to at least put away the crap that was scattered under the tree. However, all my new Christmas plateware the I got (Pfaltzgraff Winterberry - verrra verrra purty) has to be taken out of the boxes and then washed and put.......somewhere. The thought of that makes me tired bear. Seriously. I no wanna. And so there it sits. I am going to have to get my act together at some point I guess.

So now I am sitting here watching Never Been Kissed which is such a cute flick and one I can watch a million times and still enjoy. Wednesday nights suck ass for tv watching. What is that about?

I also spent my evening going through my wish list on Amazon buying stuff with a gift card given to me by my dad and step mom. Gotta love that. My new Gwen CD should be here quickly. :) I loves me some Gwen. Does the bitch EVER look bad? I mean seriously. Normally anyone wearing red lipstick at the freaking beach would look like a fucktard. Not her. Bitch pulled that shit right off. Unreal. I also got a book for work, some cool CDs that will remind me of high school, and a couple DVDs like American Psycho, one of the fabbest movies ever and the point where I realized Christian Bale is quite possibly the yummiest man on the planet.

OK, I have nothing useful to say, so I am outtie. Have a great night and enjoy the slower pace now.

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Elizabeth at 9:53 PM



at 10:25 PM Blogger Tammy said...


I'm putting my shit up on Friday. I can't take it anymore.

at 10:26 PM Blogger Tammy said...

Oh, and I so love that movie.

at 10:29 PM Blogger TBG said...

Damn it Tammy beat me!

I love me some gift cards. I totally scored on the gift cards this year!

at 11:39 PM Blogger suburban mom said...

I know. It always feels good to take down all the christmas crap doesn't it? And I've never seen that movie. Sounds like a good rental.

at 11:51 PM Blogger Toes in the sand said...

I cannot wait to yank down all my Christmas stuff. But hubs is very superstitious and says it is bad luck to take the tree down before New Years Day. Lovely.

Yea, gift cards rock!

at 9:54 AM Blogger Cat said...

Oh crap! thanks for reminding me of all the crap I have to get done. I hate putting all this shit away. I so hoped hubby would do it. but not looking like it.

I love Gwen also!! she is the shit!

at 12:26 PM Blogger Stephanie said...

Gwen rocks sister.

at 12:35 PM Blogger Kami said...

I love that movie. Gwen is hot. I took my tree down, but will leave the rest of the stuff up until after my NYE soiree.

at 1:33 PM Blogger patti_cake said...

I can't wait to get stuff put away too but alas nowhere really to put it at this point.... *sigh*

at 2:31 PM Blogger Shell said...

Girl...mine started coming down the day after Christmas. I can't stand looking at it anymore. Love the mooses but I'm glad I can put them away and not look at them for another year.

I didn't get a single gift card this year. It was weird. I guess everyone was paranoid with the whole gift card scam.

at 4:15 PM Blogger The Kept Woman said...

Oooooooohhhhhhhh...nothing better than getting to buy stuff you want on someone else's dime!!

at 9:33 PM Blogger Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

OK, my Christmas stuff is all nicely packed away. I could NOT wait until NYears Day, I would go nuts. I even took out my Christmas dishes for the first time in 2-3 years and used them, and have already packed them away. Mine are Winterberry too, and I am wanting to get more for next year. Hardly any place around here sells individual pieces, just the 16 piece set. I might need to order some from Amazon :) Cool that you got to order a bunch of stuff, fun.

I'm so with you on Christian Bale. Oh my, he's so yummy :)


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