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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Outside lights

UPDATED TO ADD: The hubs is well aware of the blown out lights already. His ass will be up there tomorrow. Damn friggin lights. (Holy shit, I sound like an old man)
I am a big believer in simplicity. Less is sometimes more, ya feel me? My spiral trees look like they are multi colored, but they are white also. Not sure why they photographed like that.

Damn FUG pic is too dark. I hate that.

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Elizabeth at 10:12 PM



at 10:17 PM Blogger Cheeky said...

Lovely...just lovely

at 11:15 PM Blogger TBG said...

I love it your house looks great!

Happy Holidays!

at 11:20 PM Blogger Carrie said...

Darling, email me that FUG shot and let me see if I can edit it to add more light. :)

Love the lights! :)

at 9:04 AM Blogger patti_cake said...

I think it's just beautiful.
My house looks like .. well.... the Griswolds I guess!

at 9:51 AM Blogger Cat said...

your house looks great! I agree, simplicity is Good.

I am going very simple this year. LOL

at 12:44 PM Blogger Shell said...

Where's the wire reindeer with moving heads? Where's the inflatable snow globe with Rudolph and family? Geez...

Actually it's gorgeous like it is. Poor Hubs...now he has to change out lights.

at 1:37 PM Blogger Lori said...

Your lights look great. Does the hubs dig doing that high roofline? Kim would shit a brick if he had to do that.

at 2:20 PM Blogger Kami said...

Very nice. Send the hubs here to do mine, now.

at 6:47 PM Blogger Dixie said...

Very nice! I hote it when it's over done!

at 7:15 PM Blogger JD's Rose said...

Perrty. Freakin' globes. Who was the bright spark (hehe, that's funny) that made globes so they blow?

at 8:11 PM Blogger Tammy said...

Dude. They look great! You are my hero.

at 3:04 PM Blogger Nap Queen said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE, I love it!

at 5:06 PM Blogger Pissy Britches said...

I think it is cute as pie..you are right..less is better.
Love it.
I have the same tree thingy's.
That is all I usually put up though.


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