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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sittin and waitin and watchin

Those are my plans today. Did the church thing already. Was supposed to meet Karen for a walk today in the park but the weather had other ideas. So I am chillin at home with the snoring hubs watching "When A Stranger Calls" before the game comes on. I have not said much about how well the Saints are doing because y'all bitches know I be a Steelers fan. Alas my poor boys had a rough go of it this year, but I'd still dry hump Old Man Rooney himself (the owner) for season tickets. So I sit and watch this cool ass movie waiting on the game. The city seems to have really needed this. This team has never made it this far - EVER. People here are all pumped and shit. It's cool to see even though these very same people are so quick to call each and every team member a giant steaming pile of dog shit in the years that they sucked ass. Nothing like fair weather fans.

It rained here pretty hard but now seems content to just be gray and dreary and funky. I'm down with that. Good napping weather. As evidenced by the snoring mass to my left. I am not doing much more than reading and sneaking glances at the TV. Even though I am not keeping a formal track of what I read this year, I have two down already - currently on the third.

I don't have much going on right now, but I have a couple posts lolling about in my brain that I have to work the kinks out of, but for now, this is what you get. Try not to nap through it.

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Elizabeth at 12:50 PM



at 1:12 PM Blogger Toes in the sand said...

You must be getting the nasty shit we had yesterday. Alas, the sun is shining today and I am ready to get outside!

Have a great nap today!

at 7:54 PM Blogger Cat said...

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ OH SHIT! sorry, So did the Saints win? I could just turn the channel here and see whether they did or not. But I am lazy!

at 7:55 PM Blogger Cheeky said...

I was out shopping - did they win?

at 8:09 PM Blogger Tammy said...

Damn. The Saint's lost. I was so very mad.

I heart the cloudy/rainy days - when I can snooze that is. When I have to get out in it, it's no bueno.

at 10:54 PM Blogger Shell said...

I think that crap hit here last night. Great sleeping weather. Love it when it rains at night.

It's the 21st of Jan and you are already through with two books? Damn girl. I was happy I got through my little skinny short story one in a month and a half.

at 1:04 AM Blogger JD's Rose said...

When a Stranger calls... isn't that one of the very few movies where the girl victim actually has some balls and doesn't run up the stairs?

at 9:50 AM Blogger Kami said...



at 10:12 AM Blogger Stephanie said...

Good morning biatch.
Hope you had a nice nap.
Time to get yo' ass up.

Your off today aren't you.
You hooker.

at 11:23 AM Blogger patti_cake said...

Hope you had a good day. I was really rooting for the Saints. At least the Colts made it (and most importantly the Pat's did NOT). Already waiting on next year.

at 4:58 PM Blogger Arlene said...

I'm trying to work my way through blogs today (at work, after missing nearly a week!) Tonight I'll post a real post, and read...I love reading!


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