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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Freedom - I won't let you down.....


  • Steelers' Cowher to join CBS as analyst

  • Thank GAWD. I was gonna miss the big chin.

    Every time I try to put the SPF icon dealio on here, it fucks shit up, so just act like you see it, mmmkay?

    So Kristine's theme this week is "freedom." That can be taken so many different ways. I actually sat and thought about this and tried to capture the many things that, to me, mean freedom.

    This lovely machine not only tells time but allows me to watch what I want, when I want. I seriously do not know HOW the hell I existed before DVR entered my life. I heart him. I wanna be his baby mama.

    These keys allow me to hit the road when I need some peace. My house is not nearly as full of some of y'all's, but living with one's mother under the same roof is enough to drive even the most sane (which does not describe me even on my best day) person to distraction. So I grab these, hop in my car and GO. There, I am my own DJ, listen to my tunes from high school that I refuse to let go of and sing loud and off key. What is better?

    OK, so I know this looks like a torture device, but it's not. This thing allows me to take care of myself even when it is cold as a muthah out there. And I can do it all while watching Tony Soprano pop a cap in someone. Good times.

    Ahhhhhh, and the best thing. This lovely machine gives me the freedom to shop from home, keep in touch with fam, do my banking, pay bills, keep up to date on national and international news without listening to annoying local newscaster drivel. I also discovered the joys and blogging and now have a place to vent, say my peace, meet some cool bitches and show off my disgustingly cute pets.

    So that's it. Freedom in a nutshell for me.

    In other news, Grey's Anatomy. Holy HELL. All I'm sayin.

    So tomorrow is February 16, 2007. One year ago, I lost this man:

    Man, can you deal with how friggin cute he is? I miss this tiny Flip every day. I use a laminated card with his obituary on it as my bookmark and I say hi to him almost every day. I encountered a lot of.....let's call it....adversity when me and the hubs got together. FIL was the first person to make me feel like family. He gave me a chance. He allowed me a shot and got to know me. He was stubborn. Set in his ways. ALWAYS thought he was right. But he sure did love his son. And he sure did trek several hundred miles to Destin all because I had my heart set on getting married at the beach. He also was smart enough to realize that if things unfolded in the way he figured they would that my hubs would never get what he had coming to him. So he made it possible for hubs to get what he rightfully deserved and made it possible for us to get this house. His sister (Aunt Regina - AKA one of the aforementioned "hens") is the one who made me consider giving RCIA a try and she will be my godmother in a few short weeks. His brothers and sisters have been nothing short of fantastic to me. Grateful does not begin to describe how that makes me feel. It makes my heart ache that he will never know our children, but I will make damn sure they know him. When my kid's hair stands up on end and he sings karaoke off key and makes up words that make no sense to songs and orders odd shit in restaurants like rice with mayo on top (not kidding) and shuffles around the house with his shoes collapsed in the back, I will immediately grab my kid and say "You know you got that from your Paw Paw Vincent, right?" I miss you, old man. More than you would have ever imagined. So so so blessed to have been a part of your life and a part of your family.

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    Elizabeth at 10:02 PM



    at 10:36 PM Blogger Tammy said...


    Awww. He's so cute. I'm so sorry you lost him.

    Don't you just love some Vanilla Ice and Hammer? What about some Milli Vanilli?

    at 9:48 AM Blogger Jen said...

    I'm sorry you lost him. He does sound like an amazing man. I think the same things about any future children I might have and my own dad. I wonder if they're going to have any of his traits and how I'm going to tell them how awesome he was.

    OMG! Grey's Anatomy? That show is KILLING me. I can't believe I have to wait another week!

    Those are all great "free's." I wish I'd thought of my car. That's definitely my place to be free. Have a great weekend!

    at 1:08 PM Blogger Jenni said...

    Sorry about the loss of your FIL. He sounds like an amazing man.

    I like your interpretation of free. I don't know what I did without my DVR too.

    Happy SPF! I played.

    at 1:18 PM Blogger Kelly said...

    Oh my God, you just reminded me that is has been a year since I lost my Aunt who died on Valentines Day last year. I feel horrible, I should have called my Mom!

    I LOVE DVR! Greys - ARGH!

    Happy SPF - I played!

    at 1:21 PM Blogger John said...

    Nice SPF! And I am sorry for your loss. He sounds like a wonderful man.

    I played, too!

    at 2:01 PM Blogger Shell said...

    Damn girl...you're making me cry in my dirty laundry.

    I hope my kids don't get ANY of my future FIL's traits. I would have to kill them.

    I Tivoed Grey's and have watched it twice. Damn. I love me some Denny though and if I get another episode with him in it then I will be in heaven...

    at 3:39 PM Blogger barnmouse said...

    I'm with you, I have no idea what I would do without my DVR or my truck!

    I'm so sorry you lost your FIL, but it's so great that you had him in your life and that he made you feel so welcomed into the family!

    I played too :)

    at 5:05 PM Blogger Carrie said...

    Trying not to read the Grey's comments as I haven't watched it yet...

    I too do not know what I did without DVR.

    That was a beautiful tribute and your FIL sounds like an amazing mand.

    at 6:21 PM Blogger Arlene said...

    Ok, you made me cry, right here at my desk...maybe because I was doing my uncle's memorial cards last night and I'm just emotional about that sorta thing right now. Wonderful words about him though...shows how much you love him!!

    Great SPF!

    Your mom lives with you guys? I'd go crazy!!

    Oh, and I played too!

    at 11:09 PM Blogger JD's Rose said...

    It makes you think... we are so lucky.

    at 11:37 PM Blogger patti_cake said...

    Honey I know a LOT of how you feel. I lost my dear FIL 12-15-05 and I still miss him so much. He got to see my daughter and know her for a little over a year but, aw, it just makes me too damn sad to continue.
    I love your tribue to your darling FIL. God Bless.


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