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Monday, February 19, 2007

The one in which I sigh a lot.....


OK, so I call the dad tonight. Good thing right? Of course it is. My step mom had mentioned a while back that she would be in town in March for a conference. I come to find out that she is still coming which is great, but that she is coming during the time I would have been in Houston getting my drink on at the Blog Blowout. SIGH. For whatever reason, I am just not meant to make one of these things. I have no clue why. I think things happen for a reason but damn..... I am trying to concentrate on the positive. I already asked for the time off and it was granted so I can spend some extra time with my step mom and show her some cool stuff she has yet to see around the city. :)

However, I did get some FABULOUS news. Guess who is coming to the Big Easy ever so briefly to get on a big ass cruise ship? That would be Mrs. Pissy Britches!!!!! Mr. and Mrs. Pissy will be going on a cruise and it leaves from here. :) I get to meet the Queen of all HABs. Granted, it will be pretty quickly since they are only here to get on and off the boat, but how FUN. I will for sure have the cam at the ready to catch her in all her Pissy glory. I am so psyched.

So yesterday I drove up to Vicksburg to see my aunt and uncle and cousin, who is about the cutest little boy ever. I have pictures of him that I shall post tomorrow. That kid cracked my shit right up. They are going to come here next month for a crawfish boil next time. Should be big fun except I don't eat crawfish. They are red roaches. However, I am all for potatoes and corn that goes in the boil. Yum.

For everyone in the US, today is President's Day. For us, it's Lundi Gras which means tomorrow is Mardi Gras. Wednesday starts the beginning of Lent. I decided to give up soda and pizza. I know. I KNOW. Sigh. By Thursday, I will either be a puddle on the floor or will be on the news for killing someone for drinking a diet Coke in front of me, heartless bitch. I figured that since I am taking the time (only 7 more weeks of class....boooooyah) to go through all of this for church, I should try to give up something that would be tough on me. I am not so sure this will be harder on me or my hubs. I should be an absolute ray of fucking sunshine by Easter.

Speaking of church, I picked out my godmother/sponsor. I think I already mentioned that I chose Aunt Regina. She will be coming with us to mass on Sunday to participate in the Rite of Sending and then I have to also go to a mass later in the afternoon at St. Louis Cathedral (the church you always see in the Quarter on postcards)that will be presided over by the Archbishop for the New Orleans Archdiocese. No clue why I have to do the deal at St. Louis, but hey whatever. I'll figure it out as I go. I am glad this process is almost over. I am ready to actually partake in all parts of mass and not just go through the motions on some stuff. It's been a long journey.

I have been thinking of starting a new blog that is just for me. This is a wonderful place for me because I appreciate the feedback so much but I have kept journals often throughout my life and would like to do so again. I type much faster than I write so this seems like the easiest thing to do. However, it will be password protected for even viewing for sure. I want to feel free to vent about whatever my heart's desire without wondering what on earth g**gle is going to link to it. I don't worry here too much about my privacy obviously but I do censor myself to a certain extent as I am sure we all do. I would just like a place to put all that and empty my brain out. We'll see. I just started thinking about it. Will probably take me a while to actually get around to setting it up. Sigh.

Well, I am off to bed. Here is a question for you internets - do you give up something for Lent? Will you this year? If so, what shall it be and what are the chances of you keeping it?

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Elizabeth at 11:40 PM



at 12:57 AM Blogger JD's Rose said...


I'll be back to comment. I hear a JellyBean.


at 1:21 AM Blogger JD's Rose said...

Ok, I'm back. If it makes you feel any better I'm not going to the blowout either, and I'll probably never get to one. It sucks! We can be sad together.

Password protected blogs are a good idea. Or at least password protected posts. There is just some stuff that you want certain people to know/comment on, without the whole world knowing. I hear you on that one.


at 8:18 AM Blogger Shell said...

You're giving up pizza? That would be like me only drinking light beer. Damn girl...you gonna make it?

My Grandma used to give up chocolate and then would overload on Easter and have an enormous sugar buzz all day long. I used to say I'd not cuss but that didn't last long.

I haven't decided what to give up yet. I do it for my Grandma every year. I'd say colas but I've already kicked that.

Give up saying "eatin' the holy wafer". That way I can monitor you. ;-)

at 8:40 AM Blogger Cheeky said...

You're not coming to BB3? I can drag my ass from Minnefreakinsota to go but you can't make it? Well at least it is for a good reason. I will let this one slide....hehe (sorry no else had given you grief at this point so I felt it was my obligation to do so...I know I will pay...LOL)

Well I am not Catholic but I have always given up (ok tried) during lent. A little self sacrifice never hurt me (everybody else...well that is another story)

at 10:04 AM Blogger Pissy Britches said...

That sucks ass about Blog Blowout HOOKER.
So sorry!!!

So excited!
You are the bomb diggity for picking us up.
I seriously appreciate it.

at 10:09 AM Blogger dcrmom said...

Sorry you won't get to make the Houston blogger party. Bummer.

We don't do lent, being Presbyterian. But if I did it, I think I'd give up chocolate. That would be the supreme sacrifice!

at 10:52 AM Blogger Kami said...

no way in Hell I could give up pizza. NO WAY IN HELL.

I gave up on Lent a long time ago.

Dude. I am so bummed about H-town. DAMMIT.

at 4:41 PM Blogger Tracy said...

I will give up dating. It will be so hard. So very very hard.

*guffaws as she runs out of the room*

at 1:51 PM Blogger Carrie said...

I think I'll give up sex.

Oh wait, I'm single, not really all that big of a change...

oh well. I'm not Catholic so I don't usually do the Lent thing.


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