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Monday, November 20, 2006

Brain dump

I can't believe that someone actually perhaps had an attack of the conscience and axed the OJ interview. It is also my understanding that the book will not be released either. I should hope not. I mean, how much more do the Brown and Goldman families have to take? Thank goodness it will just be not on. He does have his nerve though. Not sure how he lives with himself.

I was off today. Work should be quiet this week. Apparently my accounts for work have notoriously low volume during this week. However, I get paid on production so that sorta blows. Well, what can ya do? Hey if it is only this week and perhaps the week of Xmas, then no problemo. I got up today, cuddled with the hubs when he got home, ran to Target to pick up rx, picked up some soft drinks at CVS since they were on sale, then came home. The hubs made me a wonderful French toast breakfast and then I literally fell into a coma. The hubs left for work about 12:15 or so and I promptly knocked the hell out. I woke up at 3 in time to see Oprah drool all over Beyonce and Jamie Foxx. Turned that right off. I do very much want to see the movie - it looks fabulous. I just can't deal with O much anymore.

Finally took a shower about 5:30. I dusted the living room, cooked dinner, washed out bedding. That was my big day. I so friggin love days like this. Oh and the topper????? Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is on in 13 minutes. When Snoopy sets the table like he is dealing cards, it friggin slays me.

I am reading this book right now called The Other Woman that is basically about a woman who marries this man who is incredibly close to his family, specifically his mother. Long story short, at the point I am at, the couple split up because the mother of the man ended up having an accident with their child and the child ended up with a couple broken bones but some potential swelling on the brain (this all occurred because she failed to listen to the woman's wishes and leave the damn kid in his crib). The woman had been asking the husband to intervene on her behalf with the mother and her overbearing ways but of course he refuses - does not want to get in the middle. Sounds like a legitimate argument, right? However, I so understand this woman. I so get her. If I had a kid and allowed my step-daughter or anyone in his family, really, to babysit (hahahahahaha, um, NO) and she ended up inadvertantly hurting my kid, I'd flip. Of course it was an accident, but the problem was that the husband never took his wife's side. That has been a pervasive problem in my marriage as well. The answer was for me to remove myself from an entire segment of his life. It sucks that I had to do that though. It should have never come to that. I should have never had to cry about the treatment I received. The thing that kills me is that he has yet to ever sit his kids down or anyone for that matter and say "You know what, the way you treat my wife is bullshit. Frankly, it's too late to do anything about it because she is about as over you as she could be, but I want you to know that I hate how you have acted and I think it sucks." It has never occurred to my knowledge. I doubt it ever will.

No RCIA class this week due to Thanksgiving. We did get a new priest to help out Father Mike, thank goodness. Poor dude was working 15-16 hour days and ended up running himself down so much, he collapsed. New dude will be teaching our class. Met him briefly and he seems nice enough. I hope I continue to enjoy the classes, because so far, they have brought me a lot of happiness and understanding. PS - question for y'all. What does one get your priest or minister for Xmas? Do you give a gift at all? I believe I would like to considering he was also our teacher and has been so fab. I was not thinking anything over the top, maybe a giftcard for Starbucks since he seems like a coffee hound.

Lucy is fixin to screw Charlie Brown again. I so love that HAB.

I made two drafts of a potential Xmas card for us to send out with the Pooper on them. If they work out and you would like to see his highness in all his Xmas glory, just email me your address. He is nothing if not Pooptacular. Gotta see how they turn out first though.

Took all my Xmas totes filled with all my Xmas decor out of the attic today. :). Once I get back from seeing the Dadenator, I shall be decorated up. :) I leave Dec 1 and get back the 4th, so definitely by that weekend, my shit will be all up and fab. Love it.

OK, I am off to have a very Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Catch ya later, bitches.

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Elizabeth at 7:41 PM



at 10:51 PM Blogger Cat said...

I love Charlie Brown! I can't believe I missed it! UGH!

at 12:22 AM Blogger Sarcasm Queen said...

Damnit - you got me (to delurk 2 times in one day. I just read this and had watched Charlie Brown with my 2 girls. They totally DO NOT get it and I was just laughing like a lunatic. They do think I'm crazy.

The only good point is that after the cartoon, we were getting ready to eat dinner (I don't need to be reminded that it was LATE! I had to watch Charlie Brown!)and my 9 year old pulled out her kid cookbook which shows how you set the table correctly and totally did it - i was so impressed! I'm totally going to credit Snoopy.

at 8:13 AM Blogger Cheeky said...

OK I love love love Charlie Brown - The Great Pumpkin, Thanksgiving and Christmas and it was on last night?? What the hell happened to the days where the commercials for the show were on for a good 2 weeks before the program? I missed The Great Pumpkin and NOW Thanksgiving....I saw the set last night at Target and I think I am gonna take my happy ass down there and get them today - I can't continue to go on without my Charlie Brown......

at 9:36 AM Blogger patti_cake said...

Dammit I can't believe I missed Charlie Brown Thanksgiving either! AUGHHH!!!! :(

Your down week sounds spectacular. I want a card of the Pooper. I"ll email you my addy.

at 10:42 AM Blogger Sheri & SuZan said...

I just love Charlie Brown! Have a great time off.

at 4:42 PM Blogger Kami said...

Oh damn! I need to get that Charlie Brown out!!!

at 5:07 PM Blogger Tammy said...

So very glad OJ got the shaft. What a bastard.


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