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Friday, November 10, 2006

My weekend - a preview

I'm sure y'all are just chompin at the damn bit as to what my plans are right? Well, currently I am working. Sorta. Then, the hubs is grilling us some yummy burgers for din din. Gots to love that. He is off today and had a doctor's appt for his diabetes and high blood pressure. The dude is 40 and falling the fuck apart. That is what I get for marrying a man that old. ;) Damn insurance best be paid up.
Tomorrow, I work, so does the hubs but then we are having a yummy Italian dinner out with the Momenator. It is not really a date night since we are bringing our own chaperone, but I'll take what I can get. We may go see a flick after - either The Return with SM Gellar or that Christian Bale flick. I could not give 2 craps what the Christian Bale movie is about. He's in it. Good nuff.
Sunday, the hubs works, so it's church for me, then lunch with Karen at Houstons. I so love that place. Then home to clean house and watch the Steelers play the Saints. They play them maybe every 5 or so years. Last time it was down here and I got to go. Steelers lost. Ask me if I gave a shit. They warmed up right in front of me. I almost shit. I felt like those psychopathic women who faint at the site of like Elvis or the Beatles. If I ever get to see a home game at Heinz field, seriously, I will have to medicate myself.
Monday is nothing special. The hubs works in the morning and I don't think we have any special plans after that. I may do some more Xmas shopping, but other than that, nothing major.
A quiet weekend. The type that I LOVE.


Elizabeth at 2:22 PM



at 4:56 PM Blogger Annejelynn said...

when I first saw Christian Bale as a kid in 'Empire of the Sun,' I swore then that I knew he'd grow up to be a yummy man - indeed.

at 9:18 PM Blogger Dixie said...

Enjoy that Italian dinner!

at 9:51 PM Blogger patti_cake said...

Enjoy your week-end Hon!

I bought a cheese-head while in WI and almost peed mysef just from the excietment of that

at 10:59 PM Blogger Tammy said...

How is it that you became a Steelers fan? You're a New Orleansite who grew up in California, no?

at 10:02 AM Blogger Kami said...


Anyway, I think Tammy wants you to be a Cowgirls fan.

Italian sounds good. Perhaps that's what we'll do tonight.

at 11:40 AM Blogger Sheri & SuZan said...

Steelers Fan?

I. Am. Shocked!


Have a great weekend.

at 2:18 PM Blogger Nicholas said...

May your weekend be a memorable one! (Thus far mine isn’t).

at 11:23 PM Blogger Pissy Britches said...

Happy weekend you HAB.
I heart you.
Have a fabulous time eatin all that yumminess.

at 11:05 AM Blogger Shell said...

We were going to go to Buca di Beppo last night for italian overload but we decided we were too tired. Instead we ate salad to try to flush all that Southern cooking out of our systems.

at 5:33 PM Blogger Nap Queen said...

You're christmas shopping? I officially hate you. I can't shop for presents when it's 90 outside. I just can't.

at 10:23 AM Blogger Football Widow said...

The nicknames you give people totally crack me up!


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