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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Nabisco should rule the world

I feel like ass. Friggin planes and their germy after effects. I keep talking to hear myself because it sounds like an echo in my head and that's big fun. Can you say clogged ears? Makes doing my job a CINCH.

I am blowing off class tonight and even now, 13 weeks in, the Catholic guilt is getting me. Pathetic. Being that I am not yet Catholic, what does that make me? Catholicesque? Catholiclike? MiniCatholic?

The only thing making me feel better is Cheez-Its. However, they make me thirsty and I am out of water and I don't wanna get up. Therefore, my tongue feels like hairy and dry and gross.

Good news is that we got the Pooper's picture on our Xmas cards. Son of a BITCH if he is not the cutest damn thing ever. You all may think you have cute pets but unless he/she even bears the slightest resemblence to the King of all Poopers, then you would be so very wrong. I shall send them to whomever trusts me not to stalk them in emailing me your address. If not, I will most likely scan the bad boy and put his Santa cloaked ass right here on the net. Currently he is sitting just to the right of me staring at me because he has dog senses and he KNOWS that there is one Cheez-It left in this bowl.

Should I give it to him?

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Elizabeth at 6:33 PM



at 8:32 PM Blogger Tammy said...

Shoulda had the Airborne. I don't know if that shit works, but I've heard it does.

I can't wait to see the pics of the The Pooper.

at 3:41 AM Blogger Zen Master said...

Aww, hope you gave it to him. lol

Put him on the net. I bet he's adorable.

at 9:06 AM Blogger patti_cake said...

Must get Airborne before I get on the plane Sunday...

You'd better of gave it to him! LOL

You have my addy and your card will be winging your way today as well. I couldn't get my little shit to sit still to be added into our picture. Can't wait to see the poop-a-loop


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